Keywords to Blog in Kenya: Tips To Finding the Most Promising Keywords

Blogging and keyword preference are two inseparable things and it’s vital that you understand how to use the right words. It doesn’t matter the niche of your specialization keyword usage is a must if your work is to be seen by the search engines. The phrases you use are the ones that tell search engines what your blog is about. So if you want to begin blogging on a topic that is relevant to a Kenyan audience, look into the below points they can help you get reasonable traffic;


In other terms, a keyword is equally important to a topic just as the topic itself. Thus it is good that you concentrate on the important topics in your particular niche. Ensure that you research to establish those bites of information that your audience painlessly type on their search boxes. Farther to this, location is another important aspect of customized blogging. So if you particularly live in Kenya, check on what your audience wants to hear about and give them quality information.

How can you know the most relevant keywords?

most relevant keywords
This is simple, use the media. Twitter is one great tool that can help you achieve this; this is because twitter followers tend to be more focused on what they want to follow. It your passion is to blog about weigh loss in Kenya. What you need to do is be a follower of slim-possible twitter’s account and see what enthralls the audience. You will also get to know the issues that people want addressed and you can start a blog based on those issues.


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Okay you have found a keyword or phrase that suit your needs but that is not over yet. You need to take another initiative to establish the efforts required to survive in that niche. What you don’t want is to compete against large business websites that employ hundreds of SEO engineers. Just imagine wedging war against a website like Amazon, or olx? Off-cause that will cost you much than you can deliver. Also, avoid using words and phrases used by old and pioneering websites.

What are some of the words with stiff competition in Kenya?

See list below;
– Kenya
– The world
– News
– Politics
– Football
– Finance
– Health

These words are high in searches but have very stiff competition. For example it’s hard to depend on the keyword “Kenya” as it is. But you can use a phrase like “wildlife sites in Kenya”. Or, “breaking news in Kenya” these two phrases are more focused and can get better traffic on your blog that “Kenya.”

Volume of searches 

Use Google analytics to depict the relevancy of your preferred keywords by getting the number of times they are being sought for on search engines. For instance, a phrase like “jobs in Kenya” has very many searches but in regard to the above point, “competition” it might be quite challenging for you beat the competition. Some webmaster tools like analytics are able to clearly show you the number of times a word or phrase is used and also the competition you can expect from it.

These factors are very necessary and they can help your blog to grow first especially in terms of traffic. Finally, consider the money value on your keywords in relation to the market products. This is not among the prime facts to consider while choosing a keyword to blog with, in the Kenyan market but it can boost your online earnings.   

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