Dealing with a Stubborn 1 year Old Baby

A baby is a human being and it’s good that as a parent or guardian understand that, the creator you are dealing with has got ears and brains. This means babies have the ability to get what you want them to do. You’ll never be taught on how to deal with a stubborn 1 year old baby in a class, it mostly comes with experience and sometimes from the wise old women. 

So who should be lenient, you or the baby?

The answer is a bit complex as it depends on the particular occasion. However, most of what you see your baby doings is a reflection from somewhere. Either you, the parent/guardian are the one who introduced the behavior or a close person who is ever around the baby.

It is something challenging but you have to have a way out.
In what ways can a kid display stubbornness?
– Refusing to eat

– Crying without reason

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– Refusing to sleep

– Urinating on cloths

– Complaining and making unnecessary noise

– Negative attitude

– Beating other children

If you discover these characteristics, it means that you have to take some initiative so as to trim off what you can and leave the rest to nature. Get it? You can’t bring up a perfect child but you must not also assume your responsibilities. Yes the kid is young and you love it, but you must show your kid the right way to life.

Let the kid know that there are some regulations to follow and failure to that some pain will be introduced as consequences. That’s why that good book advocates training a child in Gods ways. See? In training there is some striving in the quest to meet a set goal, and you are the person to set the goals for your kid.

So how can you punish a 1 year old kid?

This should be done with extreme care. Remember that the kid is not really doing wrong deliberately. Humans are to error and they were born in err, so take it that it is you to begin guiding the kid into what is right. Use your works with politeness to sensitive the kid on the wrong. DON’T keep on shouting at kid when a wrong has been done, just talk with a polite and firm voice. Nonetheless you can use a small cane to infringe some shallow beating on the rear and ensure you don’t do it often.

Finally and the most important point is, WAIT. This means that you are to combine the above tack tick with ultimate waiting. Wait, wait, and wait until the baby is able to really understand things clearly. For example, you might be telling your kip to eat food but in reality the kid doesn’t get what it means by eating. He or she might be mistaking it with an opportunity to be rude. Allow it to settle in your mind that the baby will not be 1 year forever, that is just a stage and you ought not to worry a lot.

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