Cost of Rearing Quails in Kenya

The business of quail farming is so far the most discussed but there are some very important bites of information which have not yet been highlighted, and are worth understanding before one gets into the business. However this particular post will deal with one part which is very vital and it is none other than …COST. So what’s the real cost of starting a quail keeping business in Kenya?

To be frank, quail keeping is a very painless way of poultry farming. It is the most enjoying farming practice so far considering the millions related to it. However there are some basic equipment’s needed, which means you’ll have to spend some coins. The good news is, once you purchase these equipment’s, there are high chances that they’ll give you enough service before shopping again for newer ones

So what equipment do you need to begin a quail keeping farm in Kenya?

Below is the list of the most basic ones;

rearing quials for money in Kenya

1. Incubator/ Brooder

2. House
3. Feeders
4. Water feeders
5. Chick feed
6. Egg trays
7. Feeding trays

What’s their cost?

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Incubator/Brooder;-this depends on the capacity it is able to hold, for instance you can get a 70-eggs quail brooder at khs80000 or even less. Although there are cheaper ones than this, it is advisable that you also consider quality and size. If you decide to go for an inferior model of incubator it means there is chance that it may break down within a short time hence more spending. Additionally, if you get a smaller one you may be forced to spend more for another bigger one in case the pressure of demand comes about.

When it comes to housing, you don’t have to worry since quails don’t really need that much space to survive. These are bush birds and are also smaller (a mature quail is half the size of chicken) which means less space. So you’ll be required to just build depending on the number of quail you opt to have. Give each bird a 17×17 squire inch of space when constructing the house. All the others remaining equipments will cost less than 5000/=. In fact the cost of rearing quail is quite low and that’s why this is a workable job-creating-idea in Kenya.

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