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Now that there is guaranteed assurance of making good profit by keeping quails in most places of the word and especially Kenya, it’s good that you know how and where you can get their eggs even before you start the business. In fact there are literary quite a good number of places where you can buy quail eggs in Kenya but at different costs. The price may also sometimes be determined by the breed you want to keep.

So what are some of the commonly kept quail breeds?

Below 2 are the common broiler quail breeds in Kenya

l  White Breasted -originated Asia (Indian quail)

l  Bobwhite -originated from the content of America

Kept for laying eggs (layer quail breeds)

l  White English quail

l  Pharaoh quail
l  Tuxedo
l  Manchurian 

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Places where you can buy quail eggs in Kenya;

1.Quails Kenya Limited

They price their products according to quantity

Khs23 each for 1 to 99 eggs
Khs22 each for 100 to 499 eggs
Khs21 each for 500 to 999 eggs
And for 1000 and above= ksh20@
Their face book page is Quails Kenya Limited
Website: suppliers

Their price is negotiable

buy quail eggs kenya
3.OLX – just search use olx search box type “buy quail eggs Kenya”

4.– conduct sales department

5. Quail Market place Kenya P.0 BOX 31959- search conducts on their fun page, “Quail Market place Kenya”

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