4 Painless Blogging Tips: Stop Writing what you Want to

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You don’t really need to struggle when writing up your blog posts, there is always a safe and easy way to do things especially with necessary experience. To many people, blogging is a challenge and this is also what limits the number of bloggers in the world. Analysis show that there are only 6.7 million blogs compared to over 7 billion people in the world. the prime secret to painless blogging tips is, write what your audience want to read and stop writing what you want to write… how?

Factually speaking, no publisher would want to write private posts, you don’t write for yourself! You do it so that your audience benefit from your work. Here comes the painless-blogging-tip question, can you force someone to read what they don’t? And if not why spent time writing what is outside the interest of your audience? The luck of traffic on your subjects will only deprive your blogging efforts, so stop and reconsider the essentiality of your posts.


Create blog posts that are needed by people. Be a problem solver to your audience; let them get help from your writing! So how do you know the needs of your audience? Below tips will help you to understand the needs of your readers and how you can use them to create essential posts;

1. Common sense …for painless blogging tips 
This refers to the commonly expected issues and challenges of life within your niche. It simple …what common sense problems are you supposed to tackle in that niche? For instance, if you want to blog on a topic of “losing weight,” Definitely the post needs to exclusively give solutions to its reader , how can he or she reduce weight, what tips to follow? Etc. Let what you write be of help, and you’ll see your audience grow.

painless blogging tips

2. Social media for painless blogging tips
One unique importance of social networks is that they are like meeting points. They give an agenda for a particular group of people to give out their views. For instance if you want to begin a blog about a certain game like “Diablo” go to its Face book fun page and see the questions asked and discus them in your blog. In fact almost every niche has a solid following on the social networks. In twitter you’ll find followers of specific brands, and you can the trends suggesting what is in the minds of people.

3. Online forums
Online forums are websites designed for discussions and interaction between people of the same interest. For instance if you’re a fun of foot ball, let’s say supporting a team like Chelsea, you can join their forums and see what the audience want to hear most. Other most popular forums are product forums. Examples are dell forums, HP forums, Nokia forums and many others. In fact there are basically forums on all topic and these tips can help you get your audience’s mind hence painless blogging. 

4. Blogger comments 

Check the comments on your blog, what questions do your audience want addressed. Can there be tips to painless blogging. I mean can you discus those question in a post. Ideally, if you get one question that translates to a need of almost ten readers, only that one out of those was bold enough to ask. And the trend goes on…. if the question is repeated once, twice, or even thrice, it means your comment reply is not enough. Take it as painless blogging tip! Prepare a storming original post for your readers and let them know you have a post based on their queries.facts4me.blogspot.com

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