4 Painless Blogging Tips: Stop Writing what you Want to

You don't really need to struggle when writing up your blog posts, there is always a safe and easy way to do things especially with necessary experience. To many people, blogging is a challenge and this is also what limits the number of bloggers in the world. Analysis show that there are only 6.7 million blogs compared to over 7 billion people in the world. the prime secret to painless blogging tips is, write what your audience want to read and stop writing what you want to write... how?

Factually speaking, no publisher would want to write private posts, you don't write for yourself! You do it so that your audience benefit from your work. Here comes the painless-blogging-tip question, can you force someone to read what they don't? And if not why spent time writing what is outside the interest of your audience? The luck of traffic on your subjects will only deprive your blogging efforts, so stop and reconsider the essentiality of your posts.
Create blog posts that are needed by people. Be a problem solver to your audience; let them get help from your writing! So how do you know the needs of your audience? Below tips will help you to understand the needs of your readers and how you can use them to create essential posts;

1. Common sense ...for painless blogging tips 
This refers to the commonly expected issues and challenges of life within your niche. It simple ...what common sense problems are you supposed to tackle in that niche? For instance, if you want to blog on a topic of "losing weight," Definitely the post needs to exclusively give solutions to its reader , how can he or she reduce weight, what tips to follow? Etc. Let what you write be of help, and you'll see your audience grow.
painless blogging tips

2. Social media for painless blogging tips
One unique importance of social networks is that they are like meeting points. They give an agenda for a particular group of people to give out their views. For instance if you want to begin a blog about a certain game like “Diablo” go to its Face book fun page and see the questions asked and discus them in your blog. In fact almost every niche has a solid following on the social networks. In twitter you’ll find followers of specific brands, and you can the trends suggesting what is in the minds of people.

3. Online forums
Online forums are websites designed for discussions and interaction between people of the same interest. For instance if you’re a fun of foot ball, let's say supporting a team like Chelsea, you can join their forums and see what the audience want to hear most. Other most popular forums are product forums. Examples are dell forums, HP forums, Nokia forums and many others. In fact there are basically forums on all topic and these tips can help you get your audience's mind hence painless blogging. 

4. Blogger comments 
Check the comments on your blog, what questions do your audience want addressed. Can there be tips to painless blogging. I mean can you discus those question in a post. Ideally, if you get one question that translates to a need of almost ten readers, only that one out of those was bold enough to ask. And the trend goes on.... if the question is repeated once, twice, or even thrice, it means your comment reply is not enough. Take it as painless blogging tip! Prepare a storming original post for your readers and let them know you have a post based on their


Residual Income: 3 tips to Earn Additional cash at your Work Place

The current life status is getting more and more expensive with every sun rise and you out to configure how you can at least earn some residual income to top up your daily spending. Businesses have evolved to more of profit oriented than solution focused. Everybody thinks of how to get that extra coin from your pocket including your own employer.

In fact one thing that you ought to know is that your employer will never enjoy what goes into your pocket more than what goes into his accounts. With the open opportunities available, you can earn residual income at your work place and reduce your financial hick ups.

Earn Residual Income at your Work PlaceIt is said, "Don’t put all your eggs in one basket." the phrase is nice when it is working for you but can be mare crap when you don't live the talk. Relying on your salary can be quite challenging especially when you are on a fix salary basis you need some techniques for earn residual income. Yes, your salary might be promising but mark you! There more you continue with life the more it gets other commitments and you begin to strain.
So how can you generate some residual income at your work place to add to what you get from your employer? ... There are quite a number of things you can do but it depends with nature of your job. Also you need to visualize and analyze your surroundings to be able to identify the opportunity. Below are some ideas that can enable you to make residual income at your work place;

Selling Airtime  for residual income
People everywhere want to stay connected on their cell phones and this can only happen with existence of airtime sellers. In fact even the strictest boss always finds him/her self needing credit to top up their phones. Ideally, you may be lucky if are working in a company with less competition on this commodity, because even the bosses will regard you as an asset. Yes, "asset" because by selling airtime you'll be solving workers needs for communication hence smooth running of the business. 

Advantages of this business include;
1. Cheap to begin
2. Ready market
3. Less competition because many fear the little profit
4. Less strenuous
5. Less chances of bad debts because the need is recurrent
6. Airtime credit cards are very portable and pocket-able
7. Demand increases during pay periods
8. Small denominational cards tend to sell more and are easily available
9. Availability of recharge cards from suppliers
10. You'll be earning twice within the same working hours
11. No taxes, since you'll be mobile and confined at the work place

Washing overalls and dust coats for residual income
This is another sector that can earn you some good residual income at your work place. See, many people don't really prefer to go home with work cloths. And on the other hand many companies and business find it hard to spend on such services. So why don't you use the opportunity. Washing overalls, dust coats and other workers outfits for money will not make you any less professional in your specialization. In fact this is an awesome residual income earning opportunity since not many will be willing to compete with you.

The idea is simple, advertise yourself using word of mouth, specify a collection zone where they can leave and pick their work-clothes when they need your service and start earning your residual income.

Some of the advantages of this business are:
1. No paying of rent
2. Less competition
3. You become like an asset to the company when the bosses know
4. It improves your relationship with everybody
5. Double earning within the prescribed working hours
6. No tax
7. You only wash the clothes during weekends

Selling Ground nuts for residual income
Grounds nuts are eaten everywhere and almost by everybody. Factually, this business can be a great idea of earning residual income at your work place because nuts are somehow addictive. They are mostly eaten for pleasure and reducing hunger while also avoiding boredom. The process involved in preparing ground nuts is really painless, all you need is drying, roasting and packing ...and your product is ready for sell.

Advantages of selling ground nuts for residual income include;
1. It's a hassle free business as clients are all confined within the place of work
2. Cheap to begin
3. Fair profit compared to selling airtime
4. No rent is required
5. The product is light and portable
6. Less involving and you can run it even while doing office work.

There are also other residual income earning ideas just around your work place, all you need is to open your eyes. you can also engage fellow workers from other companies and ask them what small business exist at their places of work. Think outside the box don't allow financial constrains disfigure you pocket while you create means of earning some residual income right where you are.


Daily Workout Tips: Simple ways to reduce your Food intake and Burn More Fats

The prime reason for gaining weight is eating, and nothing can challenge that. What brings eating is appetite, so if you can manage to tame appetite, there is no doubt that you’ll reduce your food intake and allow your body to utilize the available stored fats. Let this be a priority in your daily workout tips and you will start to see good reports from the weighing scale.

So how can you reduce daily food intake?
daily workout tips: Eat less food

TIP#1. Shifting interest
This is a mental game that can painlessly help you lose weight if you get used to it. The idea is based on "shifting-interest" in the quest to tame your appetite. So how do you do it? Simple …play with your psychology! When your body craves for some French-fries, jump into something that will shift or sway that urge away, i.e. watching a movie.

And if you find it hard, tell the mind that you'll eat after playing the game that you find most interesting or after doing something you enjoy most, e.g. writing. Shift the interest, don't give in immediately. This daily workout tip can greatly help individuals with great appetite. The idea is, avoiding any idle situation that can make you eat, and eat only when necessary.

TIP.#2. Don't eat ready foods
Make sure you have a limited supply of ready food in the house. Daily workout is about discipline, so since you know that having readily processed food makes it easy for you to eat, keep it off your reach as much as possible! Create that "process" of cooking food in the house and only cook a small amount of food. The problem of cooking excess food is that as much as it is there, you may find yourself eating even when not necessary.   

TIP.#3. Drink Water before Meals
This helps you reduce the empty space in the stomach hence making you feel fuller on little food. You can decide to be taking one glass before eating and another after a few bites and finally some worm water after your meal. It works out very well especially when you create a habit out of it. The water you take in plenty increases metabolism as well making you feel satisfied with little food.  

TIP.#4. Drink Tea Before or After Meals
Tea is a beverage and can painlessly reduce your daily food intake. All you need to do is have it ready before your meals and take a cup or two before eating. You will realize a feeling of satisfaction, and this is what sends the message to your mind claiming you don't need much food.

If you make it a habit, there is no doubt that you'll perfectly control the amount of food taken into your stomach. However, it is important to mention that tea is addictive, despite the fact that it will help you attain your daily workout objective of losing weight by eating less. Use this tips and don't boycott your daily workouts so as to quickly attain your clinically recommended weight.

2 Daily workout tips: How to Reduce Calorie intake by over 50pecent

Daily workouts doesn't necessary end at the gym house. No, what will help you in workouts is incorporating all tips into your core objective which is, losing weight. Ideally, monitoring your calorie intake is one prime tip and it is important that you take it very serious.

It's your mandate to enhance a weight management as well as weight reducing habit. Factually, what makes people to gain weight is nothing else but the common habits of life, which directly translates to the number of calories taken into their digestive system.
How much calories do you really take per day?
Daily workout tips
Here is the real picture if you want to know that what makes the reading of your weighing scale look less promising in regard to the daily workouts;

1. Calorie intake in drink forms

It has been established that an average person takes more than 35percent of calories in form of drinks per day. This simply means, what your drinks could be a problem to your daily workouts hence the reason hindering your weight loss. Literally, all your gym sessions are purposely for controlling the amount of fats stored in the body. So what happens when you take a 50 calories soda and go to sleep after the workout? Definitely the burned fat is replaced.

If per day you must drink a flavored drink, soda, coffee, as well as fruit juice, why don’t eliminate some. And consider at least taking one of the drinks while the other part of liquids required by the body, you can take plain water. Warm water increases the surface area for burning fats in the body while the above mentioned drinks will only increase your level of liquid calories.

2. Eaten calories vs. liquid calories 

For your body to notice a 700 calories intake, you need to spend half an hour of eating gummy worms. Which is equivalent to eating 8 full potatoes, see? It's quite easy to chew 8 potatoes than eating gummy worms. On the other hand, you can sip out a bottle of Orange juice containing 400caloires in less than 5 gallops but can find it hard to consume 10 oranges with the same amount of calories. Here the daily workout tip is going for the way that will prove hard to take in any more of calories while still concentrating on your efforts to lose weight.

Buying a Laptop in Kenya: What you need to know before you buy a Laptop Computer

The country is on the verge of digitalization and the urge for owning a laptop is steadily increasing among the youth as well as the elite society. Despite the fact that this is good news, many business people who deal with importing these machines have shown some signs of customer-exploitation. They focus so much on earning great profits from the market demand leaving the other side of quality, reliability and durability.

There are many aspects that you need to consider before dishing out your money despite how much you feel the urge of getting a laptop. This is something that I have seen and experienced. Practically, I remember when I got my first Pentium 3 dell computer. The ego of owing a computer right in Kenya wouldn't let me think of factors that ought to be checked. The fellow who sold it to me knew very well that I was craving to have it as he had quoted an extremely fair price of 7000/=. 

It was an old but branded dell; however the machine was extremely over used which made it perform like a chameleon in terms of speed. One click on an icon took forever to open. It had to be rebooted on allegations that it was infect by some virus but that only solved the problem partially. It's later that I come to realize I paid the guy only to dump his trash on me. Nevertheless I did not take the lesson in. The urge of at least buying another laptop or even a computer right while in Kenya got me crazy.

I decided to also do away with the "crap" but I had to find a pure newbie to sell to. The mother board was replaced so I have some confidence to sell it away. I knew it could go another one year the new buyer begins to complain. Then, a close friend of mine started lecturing me on the essence of being vigilant while buying a lap top in Kenya, "the goods entering as of today are low quality he insisted" but it only felt on deaf ears.

What mattered to me is the cash at hand, quality was not a priority. With this said… another buddy assured me that his cloned ASUS type is perfect and is still new. Price…? 7000= for the CPU only. That appeared as a lifetime opportunity and no hesitation was regarded in my brains.

Within a week the machine was in the four corners of my house. Then troubles erupted again… Based on what befell my eyes from that day on, I could stop the tormenting question which repeatedly asked me, “Have you considered the prime factors of buying a laptop in Kenya? Days passed while still feeling like a complete failure...

So what factors should you consider first before buying a laptop computer in Kenya?
buy laptop in kenya
These are some which can guide you so as to avoid the common regrets that many people face after giving out their money;

1. Brand and make
You don't want to go for a brand which is so new or unpopular in the Kenyan market. This is because, computers are just like any other machines, they fail, and may later require some part-replacements. So if you go for a non-popular brand, chances are that you many end spending more cash in case it breaks down and needs a part-replacement. Also, ensure that your machine is current and up to date. Avoid old and over used computers completely!

2. Memory
Consider the hard disc memory of your laptop computer and ensure that the size gives you time-value. Literary, a 40 GB laptop will serve you but it has less time-value... Chances of such a disc running out of memory after one year are higher that one which has memory of 320 GB, 500 GB or higher.
3. Processing Speed in GHz
This refers to the processing speed, or how fast the computer takes while executing a command. It includes booting speed, speed of opening and closing a window, browsing speed, and even gaming speed among others. Depending on your preference, you are free to choose between, 1.85 GHz, 2.4 GHz, 2.8 GHz 3.06 GHz, or even dual core, Core2Duo... and above. Each of this can work on the machine but, as the sequence appears, so is the expected performance of the computer. The higher the processing speed the better the machine's performance.

4. Type of processor
There are many types of processors which include; Celeron, dual-core, core2dual and the trend goes up depending on the brand. Celeron is an inferior type of processor, so if you buy a machine with specs of 320 GB, 2 GB ram and 1.85 GHz, it means your machine is good but has inferior speed. Thus it will be wise to consider a Dual Core or Core2Dual processor type in your budget of the same specs.

5. RAM
This refers to Random Access Memory. It is the available semi-permanent memory of your computer. It mostly varies in reference to the hard disc and purpose of the machine. For example if you want to buy a gaming computer in Kenya, you may have to consider a higher RAM, around 2 GB, 4 GB or 8 GB will fine. But if you just use your laptop for writing, then 1 GB or 2 GB RAM will be okay.

These factors comfortably apply to new computers but you can also use them when acquiring a refurbished or used computer. The idea is, ensure you get quality for your money. It is not a must that the computer your want to buy should be cheap; there are reasonable prizes that can give a better laptop in Kenya. You just need patience to save some extra cash and buy yourself a reliable machine once and for all. 


Daily workouts: How to develop a healthy gym addition Habit

Sticking to a reliable daily workouts timetable is one of the things that can really help you manage your weight. However this does not come that easy, in fact there is an analysis that shows 95 percent of people who newly enroll into workouts find it very hard to cope during the first few weeks. The principle idea about workouts is developing a habit into your system and making the body to crave for it.  

How can you make daily works a habit?
daily workouts
This is easy, only that it may require sometimes. The more you exercise the more it enters in to your system hence creating a habit. And this is the reason why it is important that you do it as often as possible. When your body is engaged by the exercise, there are other many things that take place into your body besides the physical straining of muscles.

The rate of burning fats is triggered to make the body generate more energy so as to keep up with the workouts. So when you do it daily and at a specific special time, the body will definitely adapt to it and will create some mechanism to make you remember that there is something special you need to do. The most outstanding advantage of this is that once the body gets addicted to the workouts, it will be hard for you to go thru a day without a gym session.


Buy Quail Eggs in Kenya

Now that there is guaranteed assurance of making good profit by keeping quails in most places of the word and especially Kenya, it's good that you know how and where you can get their eggs even before you start the business. In fact there are literary quite a good number of places where you can buy quail eggs in Kenya but at different costs. The price may also sometimes be determined by the breed you want to keep.

So what are some of the commonly kept quail breeds?
Below 2 are the common broiler quail breeds in Kenya

l  White Breasted -originated Asia (Indian quail)
l  Bobwhite -originated from the content of America

Kept for laying eggs (layer quail breeds)

l  White English quail
l  Pharaoh quail
l  Tuxedo
l  Manchurian 

Places where you can buy quail eggs in Kenya;

1.Quails Kenya Limited

They price their products according to quantity
Khs23 each for 1 to 99 eggs
Khs22 each for 100 to 499 eggs
Khs21 each for 500 to 999 eggs
And for 1000 and above= ksh20@
Their face book page is Quails Kenya Limited
Website: suppliers
Their price is negotiable

buy quail eggs kenya
3.OLX - just search use olx search box type “buy quail eggs Kenya"

4. conduct sales department

5. Quail Market place Kenya P.0 BOX 31959- search conducts on their fun page, “Quail Market place Kenya”


Tips to Spice-up your Marriage

Your marriage is as important as your breath and it is good that you manage it to the best of your ability. As a matter of facts it has been established that the people outside marriage face more daily challenges than those in it. Yes, marriage has its own unique and disturbing challenges but mark you, these can be dealt with. All you need is to develop a little wisdom by analyzing the tips to spice-up your marriage and you can learn how to handle the hick ups when they pop up.

Tips that can help you spice-up your marriage include;

1. Learning your partners weak and strong points

2. Embracing and hugs

3. Wise usage of words and voice tone

4. Outings and date

5. Meaningful gifts

6. Dialogue

#1 how to know you partner's weak and strong points

This is very simple and can easily be achievable by using an extra sense of wisdom. The idea is, know the extremes of his or her emotions. What level of emotional strain can your partner withstand before acting stupidly? Also how much must you work to make him or her happy? This sounds common but it can extremely help you to spice-up your marriage life.

How to play with your partner's emotions.
With great caution, pretend that you are not happy with how your partner behaves or even with how things are going on. The word is “great-caution” meaning that you've got to ensure that what you are doing is safe with you partner. Make sure you use the common words that will not leave any scar after the "drama." Remember your objective is simple; just getting to understand a little of your partner and nothing more.

Once you establish things that irritate him or her most, always work hard to avoid them since you've known what can bring trouble. Likewise if you get to clearly know what your better half likes the most, don't withhold it. Be the person to make your lover feel satisfied. Because if you don't want to do so, chances are, they may look for someone to feel the need.

#2 Embracing and hugs

Psychologists have established that harnessing, embracing and hugging of partners have extremely great roles in binding couples together. You can use this to spice-up your marriage. Let it be a habit, hug your partner as often as you can and even more, do it in the presence of other people. This is a sign that you want peace and regard friendliness, so your half will also not want to break your idea since you involved the public.

#3 Words and voice tone

This is personal responsibility and each partner ought to apply it. In fact I would recommend that you ensure your partner understands this. Even if it means getting them read this particular article. The ideas is, use words that will strengthen your marriage bonds and not those that weaken it. These include; I’ll love you forever, you remain the only choice for the rest of my life; take it from me that I love you... Etc.

Also, always ensure that you keep a positive attitude towards your partner. The tone you that you talk with to your partner suggests how much he or she is important to you. In fact you can't hide your attitude since it'll come out through the tone you speak with. Be vigilant and always use acceptable voice and tonal value.

#4 Outings and date

This applies to both parties and not only the husband. Either of you can arrange for an outing or a date. It doesn't need to be expensive, the key agenda for this is to spice up your marriage and make it livelier. Simply go out, a place away from home and reflect the dam days of courtship. Use the words you used before the actual marriage vows and enjoy yourselves.

#5 Meaningful Gifts

Consider giving your partner gifts that create unique and outstanding meanings, and that which adds value to their life. This include taking your partner to newer experiences of life like traveling abroad, buying them something that can be archived for many years such as art works.    

#6 Dialogue

This is the most important of all; enlighten your spouse on the importance of communication. Fabricate topics that will make your partner want to commend and give their view. You can base this on this what you think can ignite his or her attention. The importance of dialogue is that it strengthens the bonds of socialization. After maturing in this you will be missing each other badly and you’ll always want to hear the voice of each other.  


Dealing with a Stubborn 1 year Old Baby

A baby is a human being and it’s good that as a parent or guardian understand that, the creator you are dealing with has got ears and brains. This means babies have the ability to get what you want them to do. You'll never be taught on how to deal with a stubborn 1 year old baby in a class, it mostly comes with experience and sometimes from the wise old women. 

So who should be lenient, you or the baby?

The answer is a bit complex as it depends on the particular occasion. However, most of what you see your baby doings is a reflection from somewhere. Either you, the parent/guardian are the one who introduced the behavior or a close person who is ever around the baby.

It is something challenging but you have to have a way out.
In what ways can a kid display stubbornness?
- Refusing to eat

- Crying without reason

- Refusing to sleep

- Urinating on cloths

- Complaining and making unnecessary noise

- Negative attitude

- Beating other children

If you discover these characteristics, it means that you have to take some initiative so as to trim off what you can and leave the rest to nature. Get it? You can't bring up a perfect child but you must not also assume your responsibilities. Yes the kid is young and you love it, but you must show your kid the right way to life.

Let the kid know that there are some regulations to follow and failure to that some pain will be introduced as consequences. That’s why that good book advocates training a child in Gods ways. See? In training there is some striving in the quest to meet a set goal, and you are the person to set the goals for your kid.

So how can you punish a 1 year old kid?

This should be done with extreme care. Remember that the kid is not really doing wrong deliberately. Humans are to error and they were born in err, so take it that it is you to begin guiding the kid into what is right. Use your works with politeness to sensitive the kid on the wrong. DON'T keep on shouting at kid when a wrong has been done, just talk with a polite and firm voice. Nonetheless you can use a small cane to infringe some shallow beating on the rear and ensure you don't do it often.

Finally and the most important point is, WAIT. This means that you are to combine the above tack tick with ultimate waiting. Wait, wait, and wait until the baby is able to really understand things clearly. For example, you might be telling your kip to eat food but in reality the kid doesn’t get what it means by eating. He or she might be mistaking it with an opportunity to be rude. Allow it to settle in your mind that the baby will not be 1 year forever, that is just a stage and you ought not to worry a lot.

Lowly Motivated Wife: How to Deal with Her Emotions

There many issues that can make a wife to appear lowly motivated and this can prove to be a very big problem in the family. It's very hard for a home to get on if the wife who is the backbone develops low life interest. In fact this is what makes many men run away from their matrimonial homes in search of a beautify smile of which it shouldn’t be the case.

So is this her problem?

lowly motivated wifeNo. The answer is no, this person is emotionally sick. And you as the man, you have the responsibility to help her out. Literally, it should come into your mind that your wife has a problem and she needs help. Mostly, low self motivation comes from past memories. Do some researches to uncover what makes her self esteem go down.

If you discover that she is suffering from hopelessness, give her hope. Fabricate something, tell that life has its own way of repaying every loss she may have gone encounter in life. If it’s the parents who were not caring enough, be there to repay the debt in her heart.

You can also take her to motivational classes that can help her boost self esteem. Invest into her personal-development because by this, you’ll be improving your life in the long run. Use your tongue wisely to generate lovely words and you’ll see her come around. In fact, the best way to get into a woman’s heart is thro the ears!

Provocative Wife: How to avoid her Stings and Live Happily

It is very true that the last two decades has shown a steep rise of divorce cases in the US and many other parts of the world. However it is clear that most divorces can be avoided if only the concerned partners accept the principle rule of marriage. Which is, learning and accepting your partner the way he or she is. Based on this, here is how you can happily live with a provocative wife and safely avoid her stings.

Firsts let’s put things clear. What would make a wife provocative?
There are many factors leading to this, which include;

provocative wife- Her upbringing

- Parent's lifestyle

- Survival adaptations

- Educational and professional background

- Misbehaving husband and many other factors

Some wives have recorded that they resolved to be rude simply because no one cared for them while they were young. It seems that some women take the act of being provocative as the only way of successfully passing their message. Also maybe it's a character which one adopted from the parents. While to some, having a provoking element is taken as a survival technique: they use it as a protective gear while others as a means to achieve certain goals in life.

It is also important to understand that the educational and professional background of an individual can influence her character, and this makes some to appear provocative. For instance an extremely conservative teacher, who has not been enlightened, always thinks that everybody is a student: including the hubby. Thus she may unknowably behave provocatively.

So how exactly can you deal with a wife who proves to be provocative?

For one, you must accept that you've got no power to change or even recreate your wife. She is the way she is because of some of the mentioned factors and of which you were not a role player. So how do you exactly rewind the past to correct the part that went wrong? The best and only way out is to learn how to avoid her stings! And this is how;

Read her mood

Naturally, women are emotional beings and you can't change that. They suffer from emotional ups and down surges. So, you should be vigilant and know when to spit the romancing words and when not to. Never think that you are the only thing in her mind, you have to make it to be. Use politeness and wisdom to let her know that you care and would wish a softer life other than a striving one. However don't force this, just let it be known to her.

Give gentle answers

When she is out of balance on her emotions and you discover those ranting words, be gentle and offer gentle answers and solutions. The ideas is simple, she is provocative because she wants an action taken over something that is disturbing her. So you are the person to lets her blocked mind visualize the way out of that problem.

Don't strive

With ultimate care, let your wife know that you didn’t marry a debating machine. Reduce the chances of arguing at all costs because this is often what leads to strive. And if you must debate over an issue, show that even the winner will not gain a bronze medal and if so the medal will remain a victory in that house.

And last but not least, it could be wiser to get her into some counseling sessions with a qualified marriage professional. Don't allow the mentality of divorce take over where dialogue can resolve an issue. Also, it is wise that you concentrate on learning how you as an individual can cope up with her character. Yes the wife could be provocative but you can learn how to adapt into the situation if she fails to improve. Yes you can!


Self Employment Kenya: Hairdressing Business Tips

Most people are now turning their hands into self employment activities and the business of saloon is one that is high in target for many in Kenya. However it doesn't matter how many people go into the idea, the fact remains that saloon business will never lack market since almost 99percent of women all over the world give extreme regard to hair beauty. Every lady wants to look extra beautiful thus creating more and more jobs in the beauty industry.

The top secrete behind creating self employment is identifying the need in a market and finding ways to provide solutions to that need. For instance, lately I was astonished to discover that most women complain that there are very few good saloons, and thus they just keep up with the situation. Imagine this being the case and it is happening in Kenya where everybody is crying about the high levels of unemployment?

So what makes saloon business more unique and promising?

The answer is as direct as broad day light! You even don't need to have a masters degrees to get this clear, just go over the below points;

1. Requires easily achievable formal qualifications

You don't need to have a college degree to venture into this niche of beauty; in fact, simple hairdressing training can do you marvelous. However, it is necessary that you concentrate on giving quality service so as to outstand competition

2. The great need in the market

There is very great need for good salons in the market today. In fact women are ever on the run looking for a better person who can do their hair wholeheartedly. The idea is, try to meet each of your client’s needs separately and in special case. Women like to be taken special and so you should take them special while giving the services and they’ll take you special in return.

3. Easy to start

The items and equipment required to set-up this business are both cheap and readily available. In fact to some extents you just need a good venue and you can begin by weaving using your hands as you slowly grow into having dries and blowers.

4. Cheap to start

On the same note of “easy to start”, the money value for saloon equipment's is very reasonable and you can begin your business with little cash. You can get a room to rent for as little as 3000/=, a blow dry for 2000/= and a good dries at 6000/=. So you roughly need 20000/= to set up the business and begin to enjoy the benefits of self employment.

5. Legal documentations

When it comes to dealings on registration and legal involvements, this business kind will not stress you up. In fact you can decide to be paying the daily license of relatively ksh20/= to the tax collectors, then after your business attains stability you be “cutting” a yearly license.

6. Has high chances of growing

As long as you pick a reasonable location, there are high chances that your business will surface. In fact to withhold this kind of business, just give the best shorts when providing the services and you’ll see wonders. Your business will begin to boom within the shortest time possible.  

7. Self Advertisement  

Simple, ensure that your salon business is one of which provides the latest styles in town. This is also very achievable since you just need to know what’s up in the industry of style and fashion. Get the most up-to-date and high ranking hairstyle photos together with the manpower and you’ll see clients flocking. Confidence is all you need to create self employment and become your own boss in Kenya.  


Keywords to Blog in Kenya: Tips To Finding the Most Promising Keywords

Blogging and keyword preference are two inseparable things and it’s vital that you understand how to use the right words. It doesn’t matter the niche of your specialization keyword usage is a must if your work is to be seen by the search engines. The phrases you use are the ones that tell search engines what your blog is about. So if you want to begin blogging on a topic that is relevant to a Kenyan audience, look into the below points they can help you get reasonable traffic;


In other terms, a keyword is equally important to a topic just as the topic itself. Thus it is good that you concentrate on the important topics in your particular niche. Ensure that you research to establish those bites of information that your audience painlessly type on their search boxes. Farther to this, location is another important aspect of customized blogging. So if you particularly live in Kenya, check on what your audience wants to hear about and give them quality information.

How can you know the most relevant keywords?

most relevant keywords
This is simple, use the media. Twitter is one great tool that can help you achieve this; this is because twitter followers tend to be more focused on what they want to follow. It your passion is to blog about weigh loss in Kenya. What you need to do is be a follower of slim-possible twitter's account and see what enthralls the audience. You will also get to know the issues that people want addressed and you can start a blog based on those issues.


Okay you have found a keyword or phrase that suit your needs but that is not over yet. You need to take another initiative to establish the efforts required to survive in that niche. What you don't want is to compete against large business websites that employ hundreds of SEO engineers. Just imagine wedging war against a website like Amazon, or olx? Off-cause that will cost you much than you can deliver. Also, avoid using words and phrases used by old and pioneering websites.

What are some of the words with stiff competition in Kenya?

See list below;
- Kenya
- The world
- News
- Politics
- Football
- Finance
- Health

These words are high in searches but have very stiff competition. For example it’s hard to depend on the keyword "Kenya" as it is. But you can use a phrase like "wildlife sites in Kenya". Or, “breaking news in Kenya” these two phrases are more focused and can get better traffic on your blog that “Kenya.”

Volume of searches 

Use Google analytics to depict the relevancy of your preferred keywords by getting the number of times they are being sought for on search engines. For instance, a phrase like “jobs in Kenya” has very many searches but in regard to the above point, "competition" it might be quite challenging for you beat the competition. Some webmaster tools like analytics are able to clearly show you the number of times a word or phrase is used and also the competition you can expect from it.

These factors are very necessary and they can help your blog to grow first especially in terms of traffic. Finally, consider the money value on your keywords in relation to the market products. This is not among the prime facts to consider while choosing a keyword to blog with, in the Kenyan market but it can boost your online earnings.   


Where to sell Quail Eggs in Kenya: Job Creation Ideas

sell quil eggsQuails are very productive when it comes to egg laying: and more so when they get enough food. Poor weather conditions don't really dictate their productivity since they are highly adaptive and can easily cope with all surroundings. This is one outstanding fact that makes quail keeping a reliable economic activity in any part of Kenya. However some people wonder if the market for selling quail eggs really exists.

Capital YES is the answer! There are plenty of places where you can sell the eggs, so that shouldn’t stop your efforts of setting up the business. In fact, if you just look at the rate in which these eggs are pricing, you will realize that the idea of keeping quails isn’t a business joke. As of today, a single egg goes for khs30 to 35. While a chicken eggs goes for ksh10.

So where can you sell your quail eggs in Kenya?
See below platforms and choose that which is okay with you;


There are several online platforms you can outsource your customers from. Let’s touch some of them for a better understanding;

1.Face book: create an account with face book, and make a fun page where you can engage with fellows who have the same interest. Nevertheless, go to the face book search button at the bottom of you page and type in “sell-quail-eggs-in-Kenya, you'll find some of the already existing quail egg dealers.

2.OLX. This is an avenue that specializes in advertising all sorts of things. Just search for the platform on Google by typing "olx", set your location and add the picture of the eggs tagged with your preferred price. Leave your phone number there and wait to be conducted.

3.Online Soko and the likes are other place you can make deals, if you are not satisfied with these platforms, set your own online business. Factually, setting an online business is not hard either, the ideas is just creating a blog and letting it pull a targeted traffic. An audience which has the exact interest of buying quail eggs.