Outstanding facts about Quail Farming in Kenya

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From mid this year there has been lots of trending ideas on the internet about quail farming here in Kenya. So since it was a new idea I took it with the seriousness it deserved and decided to do some farther research. Sincerely speaking I came to realize that rearing quails especially here in Kenya is a very promising business that can even earn you millions. The research was an eye opener and below are the facts that crossed my mind which I believe will help anybody opting to
be self employed.

How reliable is the quail market in Kenya?
Market reliability is the question number one that you should always ask every time you think of a business idea. The results on this question in regard to quail farming amazed me. There is extremely a high demand for quail meat a thing that I never figured out before. People all over and especially those moving in big hotels like to have quail meat in their orders. In fact almost 85pacent who know the benefits of this delicacy wouldn’t want it to miss in their diet.
So what are these benefits of quail meat?
The taking of quail meat to lab has brought very many proven heath benefits especially to the immunity system. The meat is known to boost the immunity system of humans as it is highly reach in vitamins. This is very factual indeed, for one, quail is wild bird and it’s therefore highly adaptive to harsh conditions. Scientifically speaking, the adaption mechanism solely links to the chemical composition of a living being. So this tells you that quails must be having in plenty what is needed to survive under unfavorable conditions.
Farther to the above, the cost for keeping quails is very minimal since they consume very little food. Just imagine a mature quail requires less than 25gms of food per day while a normal chicken wipes close to 155gms of food per day. If you do the calculation you’ll find an astonishing difference, that’s 155gms minus 25gms, you get 130gms of poultry feed.
If you divide 155grams by 25grams the answer is 6.2, thus very factual to say, quail keeping in Kenya is six times profitable compared to chicken breeding. This doesn’t end here yet! Selling price is another big fact of concern, and you can’t just ignore it. As of to date, a quail goes for khs500, and a normal chicken also goes for the same. Now it’s time to apply the above calculations, in regard to food consumption. Six quails will consume 155grams which is an equivalent of what ONE chicken will consume per day.
This simply means where rearing of chicken earns 500/= per sale of one bird, keeping of quails will give you six times the amount, which is 500/= multiply by 6 and you get 3000/=. And you should also know that there are almost no medical expenses on quail rearing since they hardly fall sick. Lastly, there is another fact about the eggs. One thing that has highly boosted the business of quail farming in Kenya is their eggs. As of today one egg goes for 35 shillings. So with a measly 100 quail eggs per day from 120 birds, you can be sure to pocket 3500/=.
So what makes quail eggs that expensive?
Simple! Remember the law of demand and supply… Since the supply is low you definitely expect the price to even hike more higher. So what else do you want to hear about quail farming in Kenya? I bet we should apply such an idea of rearing quails in Kenya and create jobs for ourselves or become employers!

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