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We all know how hard the art of writing can be, and more-so writing a piece that is clearly and easily understandable. However, no excuse or option can substitute the need for writing easily readable content. For a writer to be effective, he/she must learn how to make things extremely easy. You can’t afford to isolate any audience regardless of their education standards, and this is why it is important to take a few minute and go thru the below ideas which can improve your writing skills…

It was thru this tips that I got the motivation to be a fulltime writer, to this date and have never regretted knowing them. To share just a bite of my past writing journey with you, I began writing some years back. Things were not all that easy for me as I had parted ways with books long before the idea to become an online writer. I had forgotten the grammatical, verb, adverb, noun “rubbish” which my English teacher kept on singing during those days. And so it really cost me lots of efforts to become a better writer. In fact I almost gave up, since I always saw my work as senseless and childish.
Just as many new writers, I tried to make things sound advanced and a little sophisticated. Little did I know that sounding sophisticated is among the worst mistakes that writers commit. Yes, in fact it’s an offence against readers. Online audiences prefer something that they can quickly grasp and move on. They don’t have time to refer every vocabulary or terminology from their dictionary in search of meaning; they are after the promise in your article title. What I mean is, write using the simplest words and language, for this is what is required in writing easy to read articles.
So how can you write easy to read article?
Simple, use the following tips and practice them until they become part of your writing;
A)  Write as if you are talking one on one with your audience.
It is obvious that you’ve got to lay your points down before starting an article, however using the above tip will simplify your writing even farther. All you are supposed to do is create an imaginary round-table meeting with your audience and begin addressing them. Be direct on you points just like how you could be in the real world. Ask questions and suggest possible answers to make your work engaging.
Don’t rely too much on your opinion but give your readers room to reason with you. Play with the reader’s emotions in a safe way which will compel them to want to leave a comment. Yes, speak facts and allow room for fiction as much as you remain relevant to the topic that the article-title promises.
B)  Use common words
Now what are common words in regard to writing easy to read articles? This refers to making your work 100percent directly understandable, using the commonly used words. Use the natural words that you learned from pre-school, period. You know why this is important? See, many people don’t really have immediate know-how of the language-style you may opt to use in your piece.
Use of figurative and logical language can be good and nobody denies that, but it is very easy to lose readers when they don’t understand your work. Always concentrate on solving the need at hand in the simplest professional language. Nevertheless, if you can use simple language to convey your message, the better.
C)  Write Flawlessly
Create meaningful cohesion from the start of your writing to the last line. Ensure that the title is directly relevant to article body. Or in simpler terms, the article body should 100percent answer the promise given by your article-title. Got it? Writing flawlessly is best achieved thro pre-writing. This means, arranging your ideas in a respective order, i.e. ABCD.
Assuming point “A” refers to introduction; Point “B” should ask the promise question. Then “C” comes in to answer while point “D” becomes your article’s last paragraph. Okay? Hope so… This article is a good example and if you were keen, you must have noticed a detailed-intro, the promise question, answer (in tips form) and now this last concluding paragraph.
Feel free to ask or add your own tips in the comment box about how to write super easy-to-read articles. Happy writing!

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  1. nice tips that can make writing simpler.

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