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How Much Cash can a Million visits earn you on Google AdSense in Kenya?

Ask any publisher and you'll realize that having a million plus visits on a website or online platform is great achievement, traffic; traffic is what goes round in the mind of every online business owner. Just as the name "online" Suggests, for a business to survive it must have that potential to pull a following. This is a golden rule all over the world, no matter how smart you website looks but if lack audiences, it'll be hard for it to earn from Google ad sense. So let's take a case whereby things are relatively okay and you are targeting a million visits and blogging from Kenya.

Generally speaking, it's common to expect a big catch in your Google ad sense from a million visits blogging in Kenya, but can you do something to boost your earnings even much higher? 
Not every guest will be from your country of origin, in fact you may be shocked to realize more people from different countries than Kenya itself. People from different regions use the internet at different rates. For instance, it is quite expected that for each time and second, citizens from the UK, US and Canada will visit online stores in larger numbers, more than Asian and Africans. And this is why sometimes the amount you earn from Google AdSense with a million visits blogging in Kenya may vary.  

What regions do you think Google adsense pays more for a million visits?

Take it this way, it depends on where your visitors come from and not where you as a publisher comes from. Right? In that million visits, google adsence will automatically tend to analyze and come up with a break down list indicating the number of guests per country. It is the nature of the visits-breakdown that will determine your earnings. So if your website or blog is able to pull more audience from the US, Canada and UK, there is no doubt that your million visits earning will be more awesome.

Why actually does Google AdSense consider these regions more?
You see, one thing that you have to bear in mind is that these countries are very civilized hence they do allot of online buying and selling. It has even been noted that some folks buy expensive thing like vehicles online in such countries. So since google adsence is solely oriented for advertisement, it has to make sure that it satisfies each client's advertising needs. It is also believed that audiences from the US, Canada and UK are more likely to respond to advertisements and this is what makes visitors from such regions more important in regard to AdSence payouts.

What other factor can affect your 1 million Google AdsSnse earnings in Kenya?
Since you've known the regional consideration relating to Google adsense earning, it could be wise for you to do some research. This entails the keywords that will pull more of US, UK  and Canadian visitors, topics that highlight and covers the regions’ lifestyle. And finally you can as well check into other details that can affect your online pay rate over a million visits in Kenya.

For instance it is known that most US citizens suffer from weight gain and other health issue like diabetes and heart diseases. This simply tells you that they will be seeking solutions online on the same. Thus publishing articles along such topics means better 1 million Google adsense earnings in Kenya that can go up to $1000! Nonetheless, bear in mind that no matter the origin of your audience, a million visits with google adsense from any other parts of the world including Africa will do your pocket good. Happy blogging! 

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