Discover How Candle Making in Kenya Can make you Rich overnight.

Candle making in Kenya is still a very green business venture that holds a realistic and stable future. Ask yourself or even your grandfather and you'll realize that candle sticks have never depreciated in value despite the many lighting options that exist. In fact this product has very many functions apart from being used as a source of light. Keep your concentration as you read bellow to discover the millions right behind candle making in Kenya

In fact, for you are reading this, I may say that luck is right by your side. Sounds good! Huh? It's not a joke. The facts behind candle making in Kenya are as open as daylight and you'll see them right here. For your information, whenever you think of new a business idea its good do some market research so as to establish whether there’s demand for it. You can begin with your immediate local market, and then advance to other small centers.

What makes candle market outstanding?
As an immediate lighting alternative, candle becomes just like a basic need. Every house especially in developing countries must possess at least a candle stick. Yes, there are established power lines that provide electricity but this can never wipe-out the need for candles. Even you reading this you must have so far realized its essence. Another fact is that kerosene lamps are no longer used as before since they've been noted as unsafe and even expensive. Unsafe in the view that once the lamp is knocked down, the paraffin spreads faster hence raising its destractive ability in case of a fire accident.

Second, buying a kerosene lamp plus the paraffin is very expensive. With as low as 10/= a house hold can get a 5 hours candle light. While on the other hand, an empty kerosene lamp goes for 500/= plus let's say another 10/= for the paraffin. Despite all these, still the 10/= worth of paraffin will hardly serve you for even 3 hours. So you can see financial analytic that highly approves candle making in Kenya.

So who can engage in this candle making business?
The answer is anybody both as long as you get the necessities to kick start. The requirements to begin candle making business are almost the same worldwide. All you need is a candle making machine, materials and a source of heat for melting.

Material availability
Candle Wax is the prime material required in this business and which is also cheap and readily available. If you decide to begin as a small scale business candle in producer in Kenya, you have no reason to worry since you can outsource the wax from the few importers. One well known importer of wax is a company known as DESBRO, which is located in Nairobi industrial area.

Machine cost
Now when it comes to machine cost, what matters is the number of holes that defines the price. One mold (hole) in average costs 1000/=, so if you want a 20 mold machine it simple means you'll pay khs20, 000. For 100 holes candle making machine, that is equated to 100,000/=. Remember that the only costly asset here is the machine but it’s an investment worth acquiring considering the returns. 

Packaging cost
You can decide to brand you product with neat packaging in the quest to make it appear more industrial and official. And off-course all this is done cheaply.

Expected profit
Candle making in Kenya is very profitable as earlier mentioned. There is always ready market for candle products and mostly when you are dealing with lighting candles. For instance, with a 25 kg wax box, you can be sure to produce 1000 candles. So let's do the math, one box of fully refined wax that weigh 25kgs will cost you 4500/=. The other expenses like fuel cost, and transport may on the higher side cost you another 500.

Now take 4500 material cost, plus the 500 expense cost you get 5000/=. So in simple terms, we can comfortably say the production cost of candle making in Kenya is 5000/= per box. Therefore you only need to sell each candle at a throw away price of 10/= to get 10,000/=, a 100percent profit for each production turn.


Anonymous said...

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I am the lady looking for the candle making machine and wicks and maybe a training center.
Thank you once again.

Anonymous said...

this is helpful. I'm interested in making candles and looking for the other supplies e.g wicks and the thermometer. Would you know where to get these?
Is DESBRO the only company that sells candle wax

Peter Thomson said...

Hi, you explained the topic very well.if you want more information something like visit candle wholesale get more details.

Sam Wachira said...

I am also interested in this business and would want to get a machine that can mold the candles in different shapes. If you have info kindly contact me through Thanks.

Basil Okello said...

good so where are wicks bought? and so who offers training in nairobi?

Basil Okello said...

hi ,we would be grateful if you would tell us where to get wicks for the candle ,and if any training is offered in nairobi.

tonnie kinyua said...

Hi this is a good piece of information and thanks for sharing..
am interested in starting my own business, where can i get the machine and are there machine that can mold the candles in different shapes. If you have info kindly contact me through

tonnie kinyua said...

Hi this is a good piece of information and thanks for sharing..
am interested in starting my own business, where can i get the machine and are there machine that can mold the candles in different shapes. If you have info kindly contact me through

Eric Ngethe said...

hello i am interested in this venture,where do you buy candle wicks and molds in kenya coz i cant find any supplier in kenya.please if you can help kindly contact me on my phone 0729385630 or my email :

Anonymous said...

Hi,whilst researching about candle making, came across an article that mentioned a self help group
located in Dagoretti (dunno the exact location) that make candles. You could consider that as trainin if you'd like

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Hello m looking for candle wicks and moulds please contact me

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Hi basil,
I sell wax and the wicks.
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Thank you very much for that wonderful information. Like the others, I would really want to know the wholesalers of wicks and the contact of where to buy molds. My contact is

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Do I really need the machine if I want to make candles from home? And what about the thermometer? Kindly email me at o have a lot of questions to ask

joel henia said...

Candles cost 10 shillings at a retail price so unless you open a candle shop selling as a wholesaler will lead to loss unless you import all the items...wax,100 hole machine,and the wicks,hence requiring more capital.
It's a bad business idea unless you focus on creating perfumed and colored candles to make profit.

nivedhitha reddy said...

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