Comparisons between Employment and Self-employment

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Job hunting has become a very crucial subject in our country today and it’s important to factor out how one can rescue him/herself from the chains of unemployment. The moment you get a detailed understanding of the above words (that’s employment and self-employment), believe me you’ll see things in a more defined angel. These are two contrasting words and it’ll be better to first get their natural definitions.

Employment is the act of working on another person’s vision in return for some limited pay, while self-employment is the act of working on your own vision, so you are the sole beneficiary everything. This is a very important subject especially here in Kenya bearing in mind the rates of unemployment. Everybody is seeking for employment which is not a bad idea but it shouldn’t be the only choice. Young people should at least think beyond the job-seeking mentality to job-creation.  

You personally can decide to go after your vision in life and free yourself from the bondages of being a job seeker. And this means that you become your own boss. Yes, it may sometimes prove challenging to work on your vision and purpose in life, but then here is the big question, are you ready to forever dwell on slavery (employment). However, not all who are employed can be termed as slaves. The word slavery only comes in when you don’t love the work you are doing.

You can be employed in the exact profession that completely satisfies you, and which is very okay since it is your calling. As a matter of facts, many folks seek jobs for many years only to land on what they completely dislike doing. Practically speaking, many are the unsatisfied people in this world of employment. Stop thinking that getting a job will solve all your needs. Yes, it might meet some of the financial needs but not the emotional part, which is satisfaction. This article is not designed to campaign for entrepreneurship but to act as an eye opener to reality. So here are the realistic facts about self employment and what you can expect;

With self employment,
1. You become your own boss

2. You can easily try new venture to elevate your niche

3. It gives you more freedom of mind to choose what works best for your business

4. You can apply the real ideas without asking permission

5. You do what is most precise for the expansion of your business

6. You can do more research for farther improvement in your niche

7. You have full rights to manage your time and money

8. You can never retire from your work because your work is you

9. You manage all the resources and have full rights over them

10. You can fully ensure optimization of resources

So what are the realities behind employment?

1. You only work on a set system

2. You working time is fully dictated by your employer

3. There is always limited room for self improvement

4. You only work under instructions and cannot deny them

5. The salary is always limited within designated brackets

6. Promotion which is directly proportional to salary is by virtue of merit.  

The list can go on and on… However, you are  free to say something in the comment box and share your views, also if you want to add more insights or advice on how we can be job creators, conduct me and your view/articles will be published right here. REMENBER, YOU’LL ALWAYS GET MORE OF WHAT YOU SHARE…









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