Be a Traffic Puller and Make Huge Cash Online, in Kenya no Scam

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You must have come across articles which tell you how hard it is to reap online from your published work. Isn’t…? Okay, – it’s already said but this mustn’t be the case, as there are many ways in-which you can monetize your online writing. Factually the world can never get satisfied of helpful information and this is one outstanding advantage to writers. Your writing is not in vain as it can earn good cash if only you know how to use it on the right platforms. So if you ever realized
any potential from within that can keep afloat the knowledge you possess thro writing, then this article is yours, read on!  

In simple English, who’s a traffic puller?

Self explanatory as it is, this means building a following online, and giving that audience reasons to always follow you. That how simple it is, pull audiences, then you are traffic puller! Traffic is the heart beat of the World Wide Web and without it, the internet becomes useless, and so it is to each and every online platform. All these large and well established websites, directories and online business you see solely rely on traffic. This means, anybody with the capability to provide this unique “commodity” (traffic) is of extreme importance in the online community and he/she should be paid.

So can anybody be a traffic puller?

The answer is yes, reason being; there any many ways to generate online traffic and some of them require very minimal efforts. For instance you can be online traffic generator using the many social platforms available, which include Facebook, Pinterets or even twitter. In fact such platforms require very minimal writing and commitment, you can comfortably build an audience by writing bits of important information on a daily basis.  

Additionally, most of these social sites are free to join. So if you’ve got some love for facebooking and are able to login daily, you can create your own fun page then ask your friends and relative to like it. Give your fun page an eye catching title as well as a theme that will make people want to be part of it. When someone likes your fun page it means that they will be in away “following” its updates, since the update will be appearing henceforth on their timeline. The fun page becomes your traffic puller, and you can decide to monetize it!

So what ways can you monetize your Facebook fun page?

There are two ways that you can make your fun page earn money for you:

l Selling advertising space  

l Selling the account

After commanding a good following with your fun page, you can write a note asking advertisers to advertise on your platform at a fee. This often turns out to be a perfect shot; all you need is having a continuous authority over your crowed. And can begin to earn decently on you Facebook account from advertisers who want their link mounted there. On the other hand, you can even decide to also advertise you fun page to have more and more followers hence maintain you authority over clients as well as your competitors. -Which means; more money, relevancy and authority in your niche.

The second option is selling your fun page account. Although this will be a onetime benefit, the idea is you’ll definitely make a hung lump- a sum which can go over to thousands of dollars. In fact I have just come across a Facebook fun page for sale that’s tagged $500000, and with less than a million likes. Those with 1,000, 0000 likes and above are much expensive.

The idea is the same, have a good following and tag the account “for sale,” with the price highlighted; and there you’ll be waiting for someone to conduct you. Hope you’ve gotten this point clearly, the prime idea is having hundreds, thousands or even millions of funs and you can comfortably sell the account at a good price. For more information, login into your Facebook account and on the search type “Fun page for sale”. 

Blogging is another platform for pulling traffic your way. Set a blog of your choice niche and begin blogging. However, it is good to note that blogging takes quite sometimes to gain authority or command a good audience. Nevertheless, blogging has greater advantages as you can monetize it in many ways. You can either decide to be an affiliate marketer, traffic seller or even use Google AdSence to generate cash. Read more on more on blogging in Kenya to get an over-whole insight about blogging.

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