Things to avoid if you want your WebPages to remain on Google’s First Page- Making Money Online

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The enjoyment in finding your website top on the search engine directories comes with some cost to bear. If you want nothing else other that your Webpages to remain on Google’s first pages, there are do’s and don’t that if well looked into, can help you achieve your purpose of remaining top. The principles may seem common sense but believe you this! …they can have real and tremendous effect on the behavior of your site on search engines.

The road to the top mustn’t have been that easy for you, true? …and so you shouldn’t assume those previous efforts whatsoever. Needless to say, the Internet is about competition and nobody can really or comfortably brag of owning it – it a question of “continual-fighting.” Make sure you win today, tomorrow, and always. And this can only happen by remaining vigilant on the ever changing techniques.

As usual, the Do’s comes first;
1. Write original, informative, and authentic SEO friendly articles.
2. Make sure your article lengths are logical, 500-700 words to say.
3. Always make the website user friendly and update it as often as  possible( daily/weekly)
4. Only mount up sizeable photos and graphics- not too big
5. Begin dialogues, reply and answer all questions when asked by your audience
6. Use friendly, engaging and humanly language
7. Build more and more back-links pointing to your website pages
8. Also offer links to important websites with related info.
9. Strive to satisfy both your audience and the search engines
10. Make sure the mounted information is universally understandable.

Don’t s – or things to avoid if you want your webpages to remain on Google’s first page;

1. Don’t ever mount or entertain plagiarized articles in your pages
2. Avoid any form of an authorized content i.e. adult content
3. Don’t sent spammy messages from your website as this makes Google “mad”
4. Avoid using templates which can’t be customized to suit the site’s purpose.
5. Avoid the use of automated software unfriendly to Google, i.e. article spinners

These ideas will help your Webpages to remain on Google’s first page. However, let this not be the end, do some father research to fully understand how to survive and stay relevant online. Otherwise best wishes!

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