How to Manage People from Different Social Class and Backgrounds

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Humans are divided into race, social class, tribe, personality, character and many other inevitable diversification  So as a manager of people it is important to understand how to deal with each single individual as it could be extremely hard to be selective on whom to work with or not. Especially on this modern world, there is high demand for democracy and equal treatment for every single person. However, learning to manage people from different social class and background can be quite exiting altogether, all you need is just an adjustment of mind.
As a manager it is vital to define the lines drawn by these ethnic diversification and get used to knowing that it is natural and no bargain on that. Factually, nobody has full power to choose which family, country, continent or even sex he/she should be born in. Take these as perfect grounds for shaping your social skills. Learn their believes and figure how these might be affecting the purpose of your institution in terms of profit and production. For instance there are tribes which expect to be addressed in a particular way and thus for a manager to reap the most he/she should know how to handle such people.
This simply means understanding their set of behaviors for the purpose of raising production levels. For people who careless on the amount of salary but more on their job titles, this could be a great opportunity for a company to reduce it production cost and maximally use the cheaply but high titled manpower. It is all about giving what your workers need to receive many folds in return. Off course it over exploited this is not right, but if done with concern and regard you’ll find that both parties win. The company will gain and the workers who want to be esteemed more will get the satisfaction!
Another important aspect to consider in managing people from different social class and background is avoiding segregation. As managers ensure that the appointment of supervisors and team leaders is fair and considers the diversification in you company. This will help reduce complaints and enhance democracy and sense of recognition for all. Nonetheless ensure to mix up the team members and encourage the use of one common language to break any physiological boundaries of who belongs to whom.

Last but not least, be vigilant and keen when addressing the employees in public gathering. Equality, respect and purpose should be key when it comes to meetings and gatherings. Let everybody feel as being part of a valued community and they’ll respect you back. This should likewise flow down stream to their salaries and remuneration. Adopt the principle of rewarding in accordance to performance and not according to who knows who or who comes from where. Such tips for managing people from different social class and background will help you become a better manager. 

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