Advantages of being on Google’s First Page – Making Money Online

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Having your website come first on Google engine’s first page is more of a fortune and has many unique advantages. This is in fact what everybody would wish thought most don’t really know or are not ready to pay the cost of letting it happen. What they fail to understand is that being on the first page is as simple as making efforts to achieve any goal in life. Whereas staying and waiting for a magic stick to bring your website up is equivalent to a pointless dream. Nothing is impossible, so wake-up! Do the homework and your website/blog will perform. 

Remember not appearing anything close to the first 10 pages on Google means your website is not online! … And so who will find an offline webpage, except you alone -in your computer? Hope you see how serious it could be, -factoring the amount of effort and money one uses to set an online presence. Besides this, here are other advantages of having your website on Google’s first page;

  1. The website will have more traffic 
  2. Which means more opportunities for your business
  3. Increased income on advertisements
  4. Increased chances of expanding the profit margin by being an affiliate to  others
  5. Increased visibility to potential audience if you are an online seller
  6. You’ll most likely be regarded genuine and a serous player in your market
  7. It creates a long-lasting advertising effect   
  8. It is Cost effective and bring optimal advertising
  9. Will make it have a good command in the areas of your niche. 
  10. You can begin to sell links, which means additional income. 

The advantages of having your website on Google’s first page are very logical and undeniable, as in the fact that: the more audiences reach the pages the more likely they’ll use your services or buy products. A first appearing page or Google on any search engine means the content there-in is important, essential and highly favored by the search engines’ “eyes”. This reflects a content fit for consumption by the highly esteemed audiences. 

Nothing comes easy, and so it is with getting to first page. However there are techniques which you can apply on your efforts to getting up there. And these include:

  • Sourcing for an expat who can professionally help in search engine optimization (SEO) of your website -page by page.
  • Writing original, meaningful, and helpful articles.
  • Creating tremendous back-links to point back to your website. (note that every back-link means a positive vote for your site on Google “eyes” 

And last but not least, ensure to do a thorough research on your niche market to make the business and the site standout on the search directories. Don’t concentrate on the odds but count the advantages of having your website on Google’s first page and you’ll achieve it. Best wishes!  

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