How to Access from Kenya- Continue Making Money Online in Kenya

Since Kenyans got burned from working at in August 2012, there has been an outcry from many writers allover the country on how they can continue making online in Kenya. It was one of the least things we expected especially bearing the fact that Kenyans are amongst the best know writers worldwide. Reasons that led to the situation are still not clearly defined up to this day though some unconfirmed allegations state that writers from the regions around (Kenya, India, and some others) were spamming the website. This is what led us to begin researches on how to access from Kenya


Top affiliate Marketing tips- Make money online no scam in Kenya

There are thousands and thousands of make money online no scams in Kenya and all over the World Wide Web but affiliate marketing bits them all. It is a practice where online business owners "buy" traffic from affiliates. The marketer exists as a brand spokesman and pitches the products to the potential audience. In other words the affiliate must know the basic details and functionality of products in order to play the middleman task.

Most Reliable Tips to Make Money Online No Scam in Kenya

Spreading your financial net online can be a great idea especially in areas where you can be sure to earn some extra bucks if not make a living. In fact thousands upon thousands of guys who are savvy have perfected the act and are know making big bucks on the internet. The world is going online which means you can monetize almost any skill that you are conversant with using the many existing make money online no scam ideas in Kenya.


Top Most Secret about Making Money Online, No scam With AdSense

It is still clear that up to this far Google AdSense remains as the best paying money making program on the internet, - however, there are guys out there who don't even notice the benefit of having an adsence account. This is because they simply lack concrete ideas on how to reap the most from the precious program. As a matter of facts having an adsense account is a great fortune for those who can get hold of these top most secrets of making money


Things to avoid if you want your WebPages to remain on Google's First Page- Making Money Online

The enjoyment in finding your website top on the search engine directories comes with some cost to bear. If you want nothing else other that your Webpages to remain on Google's first pages, there are do's and don't that if well looked into, can help you achieve your purpose of remaining top. The principles may seem common sense but believe you this! ...they can have real and tremendous effect on the behavior of your site on search engines.


Advantages of being on Google's First Page - Making Money Online

Having your website come first on Google engine's first page is more of a fortune and has many unique advantages. This is in fact what everybody would wish thought most don't really know or are not ready to pay the cost of letting it happen. What they fail to understand is that being on the first page is as simple as making efforts to achieve any goal in life. Whereas staying and waiting for a magic stick to bring your website up is equivalent to a pointless dream. Nothing is impossible, so wake-up! Do the homework and your website/blog will perform. 

Remember not appearing anything close to the first 10 pages on Google means your website is not online! ... And so who will find an offline webpage, except you alone -in your computer? Hope you see how serious it could be, -factoring the amount of effort and money one uses to set an online presence. Besides this, here are other advantages of having your website on Google's first page;
  1. The website will have more traffic 
  2. Which means more opportunities for your business
  3. Increased income on advertisements
  4. Increased chances of expanding the profit margin by being an affiliate to  others
  5. Increased visibility to potential audience if you are an online seller
  6. You'll most likely be regarded genuine and a serous player in your market
  7. It creates a long-lasting advertising effect   
  8. It is Cost effective and bring optimal advertising
  9. Will make it have a good command in the areas of your niche. 
  10. You can begin to sell links, which means additional income. 
The advantages of having your website on Google's first page are very logical and undeniable, as in the fact that: the more audiences reach the pages the more likely they'll use your services or buy products. A first appearing page or Google on any search engine means the content there-in is important, essential and highly favored by the search engines’ "eyes". This reflects a content fit for consumption by the highly esteemed audiences. 

Nothing comes easy, and so it is with getting to first page. However there are techniques which you can apply on your efforts to getting up there. And these include:

  • Sourcing for an expat who can professionally help in search engine optimization (SEO) of your website -page by page.
  • Writing original, meaningful, and helpful articles.
  • Creating tremendous back-links to point back to your website. (note that every back-link means a positive vote for your site on Google "eyes" 
And last but not least, ensure to do a thorough research on your niche market to make the business and the site standout on the search directories. Don't concentrate on the odds but count the advantages of having your website on Google's first page and you’ll achieve it. Best wishes!  


How to Deal With a Prideful Boss - Motivational Quotes

Pride is a trap that often swallows up many people especially those with ranks, money talents or beauty to show off. It comes automatically from the heart and it tends to wire up into someone's behaviors thus making hard to control. So if a boss is not sensitive enough, the egotism could be extremely oppressing to the juniors, or those below. Some bosses don't know themselves thus by trying to define who they are they may course tremendous pain to the subordinate staff. Hence the essence of knowing how to deal with a prideful boss.

Two things are important when dealing with such a character;

1. Humility
2. Courage

A Boss suffering from pride will always want to have his ways and ideas up. Therefore may be dangerous to content with him. This doesn't mean that you should not give your opinion on how things ought to go, no, but only do so with humility. Don't spend much time correcting your boss as this may create enmity. Prideful bosses don't like to be challenged even if what they support is wrong. So why should putting things straight against his wish be your bother.

Learn to let things go by pre-programming you mind and knowing what you expect. When it comes to dealing with a prideful boss you should expect bad looks, unreasonable abusive language or even ill treatment. When all this comes, remain calm and encourage yourself knowing that you are more strong and stable.

You see, being proud is being unstable because the highly always tend to be over-expecting. So with this in mind, you should know that your boss will always tent to be over demanding in terms of respect, recognition and praise. All this should not bother you, unless you also want to be regarded as “boss”- remain humble and you'll conquer all!  

How to Manage People from Different Social Class and Backgrounds

Humans are divided into race, social class, tribe, personality, character and many other inevitable diversification  So as a manager of people it is important to understand how to deal with each single individual as it could be extremely hard to be selective on whom to work with or not. Especially on this modern world, there is high demand for democracy and equal treatment for every single person. However, learning to manage people from different social class and background can be quite exiting altogether, all you need is just an adjustment of mind.

As a manager it is vital to define the lines drawn by these ethnic diversification and get used to knowing that it is natural and no bargain on that. Factually, nobody has full power to choose which family, country, continent or even sex he/she should be born in. Take these as perfect grounds for shaping your social skills. Learn their believes and figure how these might be affecting the purpose of your institution in terms of profit and production. For instance there are tribes which expect to be addressed in a particular way and thus for a manager to reap the most he/she should know how to handle such people.

This simply means understanding their set of behaviors for the purpose of raising production levels. For people who careless on the amount of salary but more on their job titles, this could be a great opportunity for a company to reduce it production cost and maximally use the cheaply but high titled manpower. It is all about giving what your workers need to receive many folds in return. Off course it over exploited this is not right, but if done with concern and regard you'll find that both parties win. The company will gain and the workers who want to be esteemed more will get the satisfaction!

Another important aspect to consider in managing people from different social class and background is avoiding segregation. As managers ensure that the appointment of supervisors and team leaders is fair and considers the diversification in you company. This will help reduce complaints and enhance democracy and sense of recognition for all. Nonetheless ensure to mix up the team members and encourage the use of one common language to break any physiological boundaries of who belongs to whom.

Last but not least, be vigilant and keen when addressing the employees in public gathering. Equality, respect and purpose should be key when it comes to meetings and gatherings. Let everybody feel as being part of a valued community and they'll respect you back. This should likewise flow down stream to their salaries and remuneration. Adopt the principle of rewarding in accordance to performance and not according to who knows who or who comes from where. Such tips for managing people from different social class and background will help you become a better manager. 


Most Effective Employees' Motivational Language Employers Should Know

Employees are quite a complicated lot in a companies' setup and thus as an employer it is important to note the language that they understand best. Despite the fact that bosses and directors take the vital responsibility of setting policies and operating systems, it is good to understand no goals can be achieved without the involvement of the subordinate staff. Hence the inevitable need for understanding the motivational language workers understand best.

There are many ways in which the management can decide to enthrall workers and these include;

1.        Respecting workers  
2.        Promotions and Bonus
3.        Salary increment and many others.

Respect is the number one aspect of motivation since this is a daily requirement. Workers tend to have a need to be respected and considered important. Yes, they need to be taken as humans and not just any lifeless "thing". The management system should enforce a "respect-to-all-attitude" to the supervisors as well as other higher personalities who pay frequent visits at the workplace. Recent research have exhibited that humans tend to produce more in friendlier workplace environments than hostile ones.

It further highlights that if a disciplined worker gets to do his or her work independently but under a tightly scheduled plan, they do it with an inward passion for self gratification in meeting the target. Off-course anything done out of passion gives much satisfaction in terms of quality and quantity. As a matter of facts, respect is a cost-less investment which the management should take advantage of for captivating high productivity.

Another technique to boomingly boost production is setting a system which allows workers to access promotional privileges and bonuses. When workers realize the possibilities of being elevated after working hard, they'll work knowing that someone somewhere is ever watching. In fact with this mentality you don't need to keep on supervising your workers, everyone becomes his/her own personal supervisor, because there is a promise somewhere. Research shows employees always consider bonuses sweater than even the salary itself.

Salary increment doesn't need to be mind boggling to the management and directors. The company can decide to be increasing the workers' earnings after a certain period of time, say like two years. This can be done on an agreed percentage on all workers in relation to their rates per hour. Off-cause a 20 percent or less, done after two years cannot have any impact in the production cost.

Others incentives could be paying overtime, end of year parties and giving gifts. All these should be done with clear motive of exciting the workers. The management should device ways to make workers know that the greatest goal for the company is production, and ensuring higher returns for the benefit of everybody.