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Why they don't Love you - Motivational Quotes

"Love and acceptance is medicine to the heart and especially
when given at the right time. He doesn't seem to love you because
you have no time to be loved. Love is never ready made but it is
created. During its creation it takes time, and if it is to be original
It may take much longer time because original love learns with time"

"Fake love comes with lust but true love come from deep within
the heart. If you love him, don't give him your bank account with
some condition to deposit, for that is not love. Call that greed, just
like the one which killed the hyena"

"You don't need to given for you to feel loved, love is all about seeing
and believing that you are loved. And if your character is worth
the love, then don't bother but do the right thing, he/she will
fall for you sooner that latter"

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