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Why couldn't She Understand? - Motivational Quotes

"Everybody wants to be understood, and so everybody should learn to

Understand. The best and understandable reason why you were wronged,
Heart or harassed is because those who did it are humans and that is the best
they can offer when they don't understand you.

Give everything more and expect less of everything, for why trouble
yourself expecting what you cannot command. Someone asks
why could she? after all the love, but the answer is simple-- it is
she never wanted to do so. No man can hold fast onto his strength
for everything is given divinely.

Why is a three letter word that sounds simple but everybody under the
Sun uses it. Perhaps it may appear in the ranks of most used words but
none of use can answer all. Whenever you ask why, know that a million
people are asking the same, so who will answer if not longsuffering and

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