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Understanding- Motivation Quotes

"It is with understanding that a relationship flourishes, not a marriage
Under the sun is perfect but each one has a change of mutual growth.

To understand someone means;
You'll have to accept the fact that he or she is a human
He or she is prone to failure
He or she is exposed to an evil world
He/she can make decisions not conferring with yours
He/she thinks evil just as you
She/he is a weak vessel
He/she has a different mind set and thus the unique behavior

Understanding means persevering; you'll have to learn how
to take it. Use whatever is thrown to you and use it to build your life
The rubbish can help you write a book, hash words can help you
correct your life; strange looks can help draw unique cartoons. But
more so, appreciate critics for they are good teachers whomyou don't
have to pay for their services" 

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