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Strange love- motivational quotes

"Strange love is always driven by dangerous drivers,

These drivers are; money, appearance, lust, and all others
of the sort. Analyze what arouses your urge to love
and know the kind of driver you are behind.

"Strange is strange, don't mistake strange love with realistic love
One is evil and the other is justifiable. So if a love
Is not justifiable it must be a strange type, for it has no true roots.
To prove a love is true, it must be at the right time, for the right
reason, and with the right purpose. Right time is when you can be
Responsible enough rear a child and make mature decisions."

"Loving a strange person is strange and enough thought
is necessary. It should be measured with the right tool,
Scale and virtue. The right tool is the heart and not the eyes,
the right scale is the truth and reality, and virtue is the reason.
So ensure the love you feel in realistically based"

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