Relationship- Motivational Quotes

"The exact meaning of a relationship is pushing life together with your partner,
but not against each other. Many are the times when partners take advantage
over each other's weakness which is not ethical. Covering weaknesses is
everyone’s mandate and it should be done wholeheatedly. Mark-you if shame
befalls, both of you will be in it!"
"Watch out that you don’t be too demanding, a relationship is a give take give take
Institution. You give love you get love back. Give a smile to get a smile, and
a wink for a wink. Practically it is not wise to expect things to run perfect as
long as you a living under the sun"

"You either decide to magnify or shrink you partner's weakness and get the outcome.
Magnify your partner’s weakness and you'll see nothing good. Shrink you partner's
Weakness and you'll see a good person. It is all about decision making, make the
Right decision and enjoy life no matter how imperfect your partner is” 

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