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Rejection - Motivational Quotes

"Rejection happens as a result of many things but there is a wise
way of dealing with it. Before getting mad, try and figure out
it roots to know how best you can curb the situation.
Set aside factors that make you not acceptable and in the process
you’ll find that the main problem is inside you"

"As it is said, falling into the sea will not kill you but what can kill you
Is getting water inside of you. Everybody can’t just neglect the same
person for no reason, so if you find the reason, set ways to cleanse yourself.
Cleansing is as simple as asking forgiveness even when you aren’t sure of your

Rejection is the state of the mind, ask why, who and where it often
occurs and you'll be in a position to curb it. Scratch the cause 'why' and
sort it out, and before dealing with ‘where’ it pinches most, tame the 'who'
category. Believe it; you can work on your rejection!"

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