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Realistic Motivational Quotes

"Whatever you do watch out because you are creating a habit that will in the long run define you.

The iron to be struck cannot will make itself hot, you have to heat and hit it

Whatever you confess you can't you are right
-F. Henry

Medicore minds are the soul food to great spirits
-A. Estein

What you dwell on is what you grow into
-Oprah Winfrey

What other change do you want other changing yourself
-M Ganthi

Everyone was meant to succeed after failing
-R. Pan

Doing the right thing is not an option it is the safest and only option.
T. Ross

The greatest experience comes in when you learn to do everything with the whole of your heart.
R. Pan

50 years from today the air will judge you more for the things you never did, praise you less for what you did.
-Mark T

Not all who succeed were destined, others were just determined

When you fail you gain exprience so it is a win win game

No amount of self pity can reverse the past
Joyce meyer
Aging is simply dwelling on one thing for long, you don't have to mind
M ark T

People who belittle your ambitions are just spectators of your victory"
Mark T

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