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Prosperity -Motivational Quotes

"Keenness is the key to accuracy, but accuracy totally
depends on keenness. Highest achievers in life know
the value of keenness, but the ordinary despise

"Great people were born just as you were, what caused
the difference is that they discovered themselves earlier.
So if you want prosperity you'll have to get a precise
definition of yourself"  

"If you are in the right track, move on! The weaknesses will
wear-out, the rights will consume the wrong habits. Persistence
has away of doing it for you. So never mind because persistence
brakes resistance and that is also prosperity"

"A weakness is a "weak" point, it should never intimidate you.
You are stronger than a weakness, just as much as weak means
Not strong enough. Your responsibility is not to concentrate on
what you can't but what you can do best, the rest will work out
naturally. and that's is why moving from level to level is prosperity"

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