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Programming your Day in the Morning- motivational quotes

Planning your day soon after waking up bring lots of joy in life
It’s just a matter of charging...

"Allow your mind to understand that each day is a new day
A new day is another chance to do it right, for yesterday's right
is gone, meaning you'll be writing a complete new page.
If you had to erase anything, let today’s actions be better."

“Wise time management creates time and it brings joy.
Joy is just but a product of choices. The choices are like packages
in which either sadness or joy is a component”

“The past simply means gone and you can't change!
The only opportunity to be happy is today begging from this hour
So engage in things that will not dent the joy of your tomorrow for
Happiness is a process and indeed a continuous process.

"Happiness comes from within the heart and not from money for money
has no life in it. Not having is natural, but having is a privilege.
Privileges are not must haves, just as money is.” 

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