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Personality- Motivational Quotes

"Personality is a set-up of behavioral characters that are developed

over time. It takes a decided mind to build noble personality.
and not money. Money will only make you proud but a reliable
personality can earn your more of every thing"

"Virtuous behaviors builds great personality. For all virtues are tended by
discipline. Being neat creates a picture of a great personality,
But it takes discipline and decision to always remain disciplined. These
Two opens the door to a great persona"
motivational quotes

"Great people were made and not born. For no man exists without the common
Way of birth. What brings the difference between folks it personality. 
Consistent character gives meaning to future destiny"    

"Defining your purpose will make you focused and allow development of
the desired personality. Nevertheless, waiting is inevitable, for no seed can
germinate within one day, grow and flower. Practicing the right virtues
prepares you to be of a great caliber"
motivational quotes

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