Move on! – Motivational quotes

” No problem can last forever, each comes
 with a reason and lasts just for a season. When the reason  
 is over then seasons must change!”
” All you need is igniting your mood,
 being down is part of life, but making wrong
 Decisions is also part of it, so why not learn”
” The software inventor, Mr Billy gates has an exact
 brain like yours, the only difference is that he was
 keen with details, GO FOR DETAIL!”
“Eating healthy is a choice, just as taking a bath is
a choice”
“If Kantai son of a nomad can tie a tie,
then you also can wear a suit. And off-course you’ll have to get
shoes for matching purposes”
” There is no evidence that a Butterfly is a product of a
Caterpillar, so there is no need to loose hope even when
you look like a caterpillar, you’ll soon fly with Mr. Butterfly’s

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