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Mental Health- Motivational Quotes

"You are responsible for your mental health, no doctor can do
do it best for you as you can. It is all about practicing constructive thinking.
Constructive thinking is making your mind do things that
Can bear good fruits. The mind should be cleaned consistently
Just like you can't live in a dirty house"
        Motivational quotes 

"Stinking thinking is nothing but keeping crap into your mind. It makes
you live in fantasy of vain pleasure. The mind rivals with the heart,
whereby it yearns for unreasonable pleasure while the heart yearns for
Soberness and growth. Learn to guide your mind with facts and never
Allow birds to build nests in it"            

"It is a matter of making choices, using the power of decisions, you can
Select those constructive thought-elements and bank them. Throw whatever
Is unconstructive into the dustbin and empty it. Don't retrieve those
Pieces of thoughts that make you think slowly. Whatever is unconstructive
Is definitely stinking and you don't require for you mental health."  
Motivational quotes

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