Love - Motivational Quotes

"Falling in love is a madness that begins to heal when
one decides to love. So, true love is based on choice
but not feelings. Feelings are just emotional in-balances
that can be controlled by realistic mind"

"The pain of love is much intense, than body injury.
There is no remedy to an ailing love, it just have to
die for it to resurrect, sometimes thro' another person"

"True love can be extremely demanding, it carries
With it long lasting pain, only a mature heart understands
How to handle true love, but an immature one fails"

"You don't have to love; you just have to decide to love.
Decision is what it takes to get married but not love. For
Love dies many times but comes to life again and again"

"It is all about sticking with your decisions and refusing
fantasy. The best person for you is the one divinely given
to you, all others are just figures of folly. Don't give room
To any strange love for it may be up to destroy you." 

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