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Love is a Journey - Motivational Quotes

"Who told you love is automatic? Definitely they must have lied to you!

The truth is, love is a journey, it is a long journey full of ups and down.
It doesn’t come automatic, for it shouldn't go automatic. Love can never be
digitalized for it can never replicate"

"It is like a new born baby, when young it needs to be covered under
warmth because it may die. So don't harass your partner with no cause.
Love has senses, and the pain goes to the heart. It is willing to open its
eyes until it reaches where it goes. Its destination is making the partner happy
but not infringing pain"

"Love is like a driver but mostly a passenger of right and truth.
It understands the traffic rules with ease. It is willing to climb the hill
and negotiate corners. It wears safety belts, and focuses on the destination.
True love doesn't rest at junctions for junctions aren't destinations,
just as the spelling goes- LOVE, means rest" 

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