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Longsuffering - Motivational Quotes

Longsuffering is the best gift you can give to your emotions. It builds
perseverance-muscles, giving you the ability to get the best. Just as it
is with gold, the best quality only comes thro purification by fire.
The situation you are in is simply a preparation chamber.

Just a the name longsuffering suggests, you may suffer for sometimes
Not to be destroyed but to be made hard and more enduring.
Longsuffering is not suffering forever but obtaining the character.
It is a matter that improves the heart by making it absorbent
over all shocks of life. 

Most people with this in their character enjoy life more
Than the soft hearted. Just as the saying goes, life has never been
Fair--allowing your heart to adopt the virtue of longsuffering
Is never a liability but total maximum profit. The no pain no
gain slogan will never be a bother since longsuffering is getting
used to gaining under pain. 

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