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Hope Motivational quote

Let them ignore your requests, a time is coming when they'll
need someone to introduce them to you. The secrete is remaining
Humbled to that day, pride can only get you a temporally
recognition but humility will earn you many friends”

“Just like with everybody, you must go thro valleys,
Rivers, Deserts, and even Mountains, but don't forgets that
you are still moving ahead. We GO thro but not dwell there
It is simply the best way to a cool destination.

We die every evening and resurrect every morning, so count yourself
Lucky when you get to see a new day! A NEW day simply means
Another set of hours to live, while a new year means another 365 day
To enjoy doing what is right.

Yesterday will never be today, neither will it ever be tomorrow.
No amount of self-intimidation can wipe the past, simply
Get over yesterday, and rejoice over today. Tomorrow will simply be
determined the today’s decisions. 

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