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Greatness - Motivational Quotes

Greatness is a personal decision; you can decide to do small things
the great way. Just as you can decide to do great things in a small way.
Greatness is in the heart, captivated by the mind and achieved by actions.

Excellency is one fruit from your’s life tree. In deed Excellency is a way of life.
it is building a Carson by action-stones, with each stone hewn from the best
available quarry of productive decisions.

You are not the fast one to achieve greatness, meaning you have enough
to copy from. The world is always there to provide habitation for your
Great ideas, so, you've got no reason not be great.

Nonetheless - keep off these greatness-enemies to remain great.
1-pride - this can make you cause accidents before reaching the destination
2-self lowering - this can hinder the power of your decision making
3-doubt - can make you miss the mark
4-vanity - can rob your dreams

Tip: greatness begins with being yourself and doing what’s right!

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