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Fear - Motivational Facts

"Fear in not an asset and keeping it in your heart is meaningless. It has
A tendency of giving itself value but in reality it's worthless.
Fear will ask you to worship it, despite that, it has no body of its
own it lives in you yet demands a lion share from your happiness"

"Discover it and stop feeding it, for its live is depended on how
entertained it is. Not a thing will you ever gain from fear, yet it always
ensures to get the best. A parasite is better than fear, for you can
either pick it off or eradicate it by pesticide but fear is neither tangible
nor visible"

"Fear is an illusion of the mind; it is a tendency of viewing situations
with doubt and worry. It has no agenda and it is full of evil fantasy.
Allowing it to dominate your heart is unfair, there is no reason to fear
for that which has to be must be, and what won’t be cannot be"

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