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Dating Rules - Motivational Quotes

"Dating is a very serious word if given the weight it deserves; many folks take it as fun

BUT with it comes responsibilities. What is fear if not responsibility? Fear not to break your partner's heart, fear of father interaction, fear of getting pregnant, fear of conducting
Abortion "killing" fear of rejection; fear, fear, fear... Dating is a fair mixture of fake love,
unproven love”

“So, since this may be hard to keep off, ensure you do it at the right time. And that is:
Only date when it is necessary,
Only date when you are ready to take responsibilities,
Only date the right person,
Only date someone you’re willing to give everything to
Always be sober when dating, avoid fantasy
Respect humanity and set aside every selfish interest when dating
Respect you self"

"The decisions you make when dating can shape your tomorrow either for
Good or for bad. Don't show your pride when dating or else you will be taken
for a ride. Learn from others and apply the lessons in your life. Dating
Time can be mistake time just as it can be profit time. Learn to see the positive
and the negative for it can be health into your future" 

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