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Courage- Motivational Quotes

"It takes courage to cry, just as it is to wipe those tears. You need courage to

Match forward after life puts you down. It won’t profit you anything to lie
In dust just because you can't help it, do what is right and you'll feel satisfied
Just as though you were never down”
Motivational quotes

"Courage is the strength seen in a woman who is willing to carry a child inside
Her stomach not minding her appearance. She is not afraid of responsibilities
Neither thinks of killing her baby she understands priorities and that
Happiness is interdepended. She knows you must have this and that for you be

"Being happy is a question of the heart, and it takes courage to be happy.
It is about accepting facts. As much as tomorrow is another day, you shouldn’t
Worry. As much as the future is influenced by today's actions, then, invest wisely
Today"                             Motivational quotes

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