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Controlling Your Sexual Urge- Motivational Quotes

The personality you are living with today is an amalgamation of long-born- habit.
It has very little to do with your biological origin. However if a behavior is
Monotonous, meaning it has become dominant in somebody, then it may pose
biological alterations on a person's genetic cycle. This is one of the most ideal
reason why you should learn how to have dominion over your sexual urge.

Besides altering genes, uncontrolled sexual urge has many losses to worry about
and this includes; rape cases, child molestation, prostitution, homosexuality,
Lesbianism and other shameful acts. These acts are as at now
the most irritating tragedies befalling mankind.

Down to business, whether man or woman, you should realize that life has got
much more to mind about than sex alone. Prioritize your life according
To need and more-so what is mandatory. Set aside vain thought and be realistic
on whatever you are thinking. Keep off stinking thinking and replace it with
constructive thinking.

Ask yourself questions like, what will sex add my life? Or what more can someone
Gain from the act? Factually it is all about vanity, the thing just deprives your 
time and resources and adds nothing in return. Sex can make you useless and 
unnecessary in the society, if you are to be somebody you've got to take
dominion over the flesh.

Make your mind to understand that sex is a responsibility. It is an act that involves
Exchange of body fluids orally and thro the concerned organs, needless to say the
daring dangers such as HIV/AIDS , and transmission of other sexually transferable
diseases (ST D's). Unplanned sex can lead you to inhuman acts such as abortion
and therefore you should be very careful with what you do with your life.          

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