Confidence - Motivational Quotes

"Confidence is what you require to be comfortable in public

life. It will gunner friends for you, you don't need to be
cheered up so as to feel accepted. All you need is believe
In yourself and that is confidence"

"It takes confidence to literally stand on your two fits, as
Balance only comes by believing you can stand. Every human
Is confident, what is there is that some people have worked to
Mature the virtue while others have neglected it."
motivational quotes
"Just like how a baby struggles to walk, so should one strangle to
Get confidence. It is all about desiring to be confident for the
purpose of achieving what is right"

"Confidence is not over-confidence, neither is it pride. Confidence
is, living fearlessly but with respect. Respecting others adds value to
Your confidence and make you super-human, but pride devalues you,
And can reduce you to a piece of bread if not a piece of rag"
motivational quotes

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