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Communication in Relationship - Motivational Quotes

“Communication is amongst the most viable link in a relationship and is highly
encouraged. It gives access to knowing what’s in the heart of you partner.
Using it wisely can bring everlasting joy and happiness any relationship.
Be it mother-child, boss-employee or any form of cooperation, passing
information binds the concerned with common ideas”

“How can you expect an answer without asking? How do you give an explanation?
when not asked to? You see, communication, gives as reasons to socialize.
There can’t be a healthy society if people don't exchange views, just as it
Heard for couples to live happily without open communication”

"Speak out your feelings to your partner; train him or her to understand
what you would like. Speak in friendly tone to encourage communication.
It may be challenging at fast to get this done, but make efforts to make it a habit.
The good part is, it is easy to get addicted to each other when you’re often speaking" 

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