How to Catch your Partner's Attention: Motivational Quotes

There can only be a healthy relationship when partners have all the necessary
ability for keeping the fire banning, and attention grabbing in one key factor.
You ought to be certain on how you can easily handle your partner even when
things are not okay. Use right language at the appropriate time and press the hash
tag only when it is safe.

Speaking in Public: Motivational Quotes

To some people, speaking with aplomb in the public comes naturally,
but to many it is a matter to train on. It involves training your mind
to focus on driving intended points to the people effectively. Off-course
you can't just stand before people to say nothing sensible? Your points
should be substantial and clearly driven with clarity for you to get attention.

If you get these skills on you finger tips, it becomes much easier to
lead at any level in life. Factually, everybody expects you to communicate
your message in a way that they can get it fast time without having to ask
questions. With the skills developed, your capability for solving issue
on public platform increases.


Controlling Your Sexual Urge- Motivational Quotes

The personality you are living with today is an amalgamation of long-born- habit.
It has very little to do with your biological origin. However if a behavior is
Monotonous, meaning it has become dominant in somebody, then it may pose
biological alterations on a person's genetic cycle. This is one of the most ideal
reason why you should learn how to have dominion over your sexual urge.


Why couldn't She Understand? - Motivational Quotes

"Everybody wants to be understood, and so everybody should learn to

Understand. The best and understandable reason why you were wronged,
Heart or harassed is because those who did it are humans and that is the best
they can offer when they don't understand you.

Understanding- Motivation Quotes

"It is with understanding that a relationship flourishes, not a marriage
Under the sun is perfect but each one has a change of mutual growth.

To understand someone means;
You'll have to accept the fact that he or she is a human
He or she is prone to failure
He or she is exposed to an evil world
He/she can make decisions not conferring with yours
He/she thinks evil just as you

Fear - Motivational Facts

"Fear in not an asset and keeping it in your heart is meaningless. It has
A tendency of giving itself value but in reality it's worthless.
Fear will ask you to worship it, despite that, it has no body of its
own it lives in you yet demands a lion share from your happiness"

"Discover it and stop feeding it, for its live is depended on how
entertained it is. Not a thing will you ever gain from fear, yet it always
ensures to get the best. A parasite is better than fear, for you can
either pick it off or eradicate it by pesticide but fear is neither tangible
nor visible"

"Fear is an illusion of the mind; it is a tendency of viewing situations
with doubt and worry. It has no agenda and it is full of evil fantasy.
Allowing it to dominate your heart is unfair, there is no reason to fear
for that which has to be must be, and what won’t be cannot be"

Longsuffering - Motivational Quotes

Longsuffering is the best gift you can give to your emotions. It builds
perseverance-muscles, giving you the ability to get the best. Just as it
is with gold, the best quality only comes thro purification by fire.
The situation you are in is simply a preparation chamber.

Just a the name longsuffering suggests, you may suffer for sometimes
Not to be destroyed but to be made hard and more enduring.
Longsuffering is not suffering forever but obtaining the character.
It is a matter that improves the heart by making it absorbent
over all shocks of life. 

Most people with this in their character enjoy life more
Than the soft hearted. Just as the saying goes, life has never been
Fair--allowing your heart to adopt the virtue of longsuffering
Is never a liability but total maximum profit. The no pain no
gain slogan will never be a bother since longsuffering is getting
used to gaining under pain. 


Love is a Journey - Motivational Quotes

"Who told you love is automatic? Definitely they must have lied to you!

The truth is, love is a journey, it is a long journey full of ups and down.
It doesn’t come automatic, for it shouldn't go automatic. Love can never be
digitalized for it can never replicate"

"It is like a new born baby, when young it needs to be covered under
warmth because it may die. So don't harass your partner with no cause.
Love has senses, and the pain goes to the heart. It is willing to open its
eyes until it reaches where it goes. Its destination is making the partner happy
but not infringing pain"

"Love is like a driver but mostly a passenger of right and truth.
It understands the traffic rules with ease. It is willing to climb the hill
and negotiate corners. It wears safety belts, and focuses on the destination.
True love doesn't rest at junctions for junctions aren't destinations,
just as the spelling goes- LOVE, means rest" 


Why they don't Love you - Motivational Quotes

"Love and acceptance is medicine to the heart and especially
when given at the right time. He doesn't seem to love you because
you have no time to be loved. Love is never ready made but it is
created. During its creation it takes time, and if it is to be original
It may take much longer time because original love learns with time"

"Fake love comes with lust but true love come from deep within
the heart. If you love him, don't give him your bank account with
some condition to deposit, for that is not love. Call that greed, just
like the one which killed the hyena"

"You don't need to given for you to feel loved, love is all about seeing
and believing that you are loved. And if your character is worth
the love, then don't bother but do the right thing, he/she will
fall for you sooner that latter"

Rejection - Motivational Quotes

"Rejection happens as a result of many things but there is a wise
way of dealing with it. Before getting mad, try and figure out
it roots to know how best you can curb the situation.
Set aside factors that make you not acceptable and in the process
you’ll find that the main problem is inside you"

"As it is said, falling into the sea will not kill you but what can kill you
Is getting water inside of you. Everybody can’t just neglect the same
person for no reason, so if you find the reason, set ways to cleanse yourself.
Cleansing is as simple as asking forgiveness even when you aren’t sure of your

Rejection is the state of the mind, ask why, who and where it often
occurs and you'll be in a position to curb it. Scratch the cause 'why' and
sort it out, and before dealing with ‘where’ it pinches most, tame the 'who'
category. Believe it; you can work on your rejection!"


Dating Rules - Motivational Quotes

"Dating is a very serious word if given the weight it deserves; many folks take it as fun

BUT with it comes responsibilities. What is fear if not responsibility? Fear not to break your partner's heart, fear of father interaction, fear of getting pregnant, fear of conducting
Abortion "killing" fear of rejection; fear, fear, fear... Dating is a fair mixture of fake love,
unproven love”

“So, since this may be hard to keep off, ensure you do it at the right time. And that is:
Only date when it is necessary,
Only date when you are ready to take responsibilities,
Only date the right person,
Only date someone you’re willing to give everything to
Always be sober when dating, avoid fantasy
Respect humanity and set aside every selfish interest when dating
Respect you self"

"The decisions you make when dating can shape your tomorrow either for
Good or for bad. Don't show your pride when dating or else you will be taken
for a ride. Learn from others and apply the lessons in your life. Dating
Time can be mistake time just as it can be profit time. Learn to see the positive
and the negative for it can be health into your future" 

Communication in Relationship - Motivational Quotes

“Communication is amongst the most viable link in a relationship and is highly
encouraged. It gives access to knowing what’s in the heart of you partner.
Using it wisely can bring everlasting joy and happiness any relationship.
Be it mother-child, boss-employee or any form of cooperation, passing
information binds the concerned with common ideas”

“How can you expect an answer without asking? How do you give an explanation?
when not asked to? You see, communication, gives as reasons to socialize.
There can’t be a healthy society if people don't exchange views, just as it
Heard for couples to live happily without open communication”

"Speak out your feelings to your partner; train him or her to understand
what you would like. Speak in friendly tone to encourage communication.
It may be challenging at fast to get this done, but make efforts to make it a habit.
The good part is, it is easy to get addicted to each other when you’re often speaking" 

Relationship- Motivational Quotes

"The exact meaning of a relationship is pushing life together with your partner,
but not against each other. Many are the times when partners take advantage
over each other's weakness which is not ethical. Covering weaknesses is
everyone’s mandate and it should be done wholeheatedly. Mark-you if shame
befalls, both of you will be in it!"
"Watch out that you don’t be too demanding, a relationship is a give take give take
Institution. You give love you get love back. Give a smile to get a smile, and
a wink for a wink. Practically it is not wise to expect things to run perfect as
long as you a living under the sun"

"You either decide to magnify or shrink you partner's weakness and get the outcome.
Magnify your partner’s weakness and you'll see nothing good. Shrink you partner's
Weakness and you'll see a good person. It is all about decision making, make the
Right decision and enjoy life no matter how imperfect your partner is” 


Courage- Motivational Quotes

"It takes courage to cry, just as it is to wipe those tears. You need courage to

Match forward after life puts you down. It won’t profit you anything to lie
In dust just because you can't help it, do what is right and you'll feel satisfied
Just as though you were never down”
Motivational quotes

"Courage is the strength seen in a woman who is willing to carry a child inside
Her stomach not minding her appearance. She is not afraid of responsibilities
Neither thinks of killing her baby she understands priorities and that
Happiness is interdepended. She knows you must have this and that for you be

"Being happy is a question of the heart, and it takes courage to be happy.
It is about accepting facts. As much as tomorrow is another day, you shouldn’t
Worry. As much as the future is influenced by today's actions, then, invest wisely
Today"                             Motivational quotes

Mental Health- Motivational Quotes

"You are responsible for your mental health, no doctor can do
do it best for you as you can. It is all about practicing constructive thinking.
Constructive thinking is making your mind do things that
Can bear good fruits. The mind should be cleaned consistently
Just like you can't live in a dirty house"
        Motivational quotes 

"Stinking thinking is nothing but keeping crap into your mind. It makes
you live in fantasy of vain pleasure. The mind rivals with the heart,
whereby it yearns for unreasonable pleasure while the heart yearns for
Soberness and growth. Learn to guide your mind with facts and never
Allow birds to build nests in it"            

"It is a matter of making choices, using the power of decisions, you can
Select those constructive thought-elements and bank them. Throw whatever
Is unconstructive into the dustbin and empty it. Don't retrieve those
Pieces of thoughts that make you think slowly. Whatever is unconstructive
Is definitely stinking and you don't require for you mental health."  
Motivational quotes


Personality- Motivational Quotes

"Personality is a set-up of behavioral characters that are developed

over time. It takes a decided mind to build noble personality.
and not money. Money will only make you proud but a reliable
personality can earn your more of every thing"

"Virtuous behaviors builds great personality. For all virtues are tended by
discipline. Being neat creates a picture of a great personality,
But it takes discipline and decision to always remain disciplined. These
Two opens the door to a great persona"
motivational quotes

"Great people were made and not born. For no man exists without the common
Way of birth. What brings the difference between folks it personality. 
Consistent character gives meaning to future destiny"    

"Defining your purpose will make you focused and allow development of
the desired personality. Nevertheless, waiting is inevitable, for no seed can
germinate within one day, grow and flower. Practicing the right virtues
prepares you to be of a great caliber"
motivational quotes

Confidence - Motivational Quotes

"Confidence is what you require to be comfortable in public

life. It will gunner friends for you, you don't need to be
cheered up so as to feel accepted. All you need is believe
In yourself and that is confidence"

"It takes confidence to literally stand on your two fits, as
Balance only comes by believing you can stand. Every human
Is confident, what is there is that some people have worked to
Mature the virtue while others have neglected it."
motivational quotes
"Just like how a baby struggles to walk, so should one strangle to
Get confidence. It is all about desiring to be confident for the
purpose of achieving what is right"

"Confidence is not over-confidence, neither is it pride. Confidence
is, living fearlessly but with respect. Respecting others adds value to
Your confidence and make you super-human, but pride devalues you,
And can reduce you to a piece of bread if not a piece of rag"
motivational quotes


Strange love- motivational quotes

"Strange love is always driven by dangerous drivers,

These drivers are; money, appearance, lust, and all others
of the sort. Analyze what arouses your urge to love
and know the kind of driver you are behind.

"Strange is strange, don't mistake strange love with realistic love
One is evil and the other is justifiable. So if a love
Is not justifiable it must be a strange type, for it has no true roots.
To prove a love is true, it must be at the right time, for the right
reason, and with the right purpose. Right time is when you can be
Responsible enough rear a child and make mature decisions."

"Loving a strange person is strange and enough thought
is necessary. It should be measured with the right tool,
Scale and virtue. The right tool is the heart and not the eyes,
the right scale is the truth and reality, and virtue is the reason.
So ensure the love you feel in realistically based"

Love - Motivational Quotes

"Falling in love is a madness that begins to heal when
one decides to love. So, true love is based on choice
but not feelings. Feelings are just emotional in-balances
that can be controlled by realistic mind"

"The pain of love is much intense, than body injury.
There is no remedy to an ailing love, it just have to
die for it to resurrect, sometimes thro' another person"

"True love can be extremely demanding, it carries
With it long lasting pain, only a mature heart understands
How to handle true love, but an immature one fails"

"You don't have to love; you just have to decide to love.
Decision is what it takes to get married but not love. For
Love dies many times but comes to life again and again"

"It is all about sticking with your decisions and refusing
fantasy. The best person for you is the one divinely given
to you, all others are just figures of folly. Don't give room
To any strange love for it may be up to destroy you." 


Realistic Motivational Quotes

"Whatever you do watch out because you are creating a habit that will in the long run define you.

The iron to be struck cannot will make itself hot, you have to heat and hit it

Whatever you confess you can't you are right
-F. Henry

Medicore minds are the soul food to great spirits
-A. Estein

What you dwell on is what you grow into
-Oprah Winfrey

What other change do you want other changing yourself
-M Ganthi

Everyone was meant to succeed after failing
-R. Pan

Doing the right thing is not an option it is the safest and only option.
T. Ross

The greatest experience comes in when you learn to do everything with the whole of your heart.
R. Pan

50 years from today the air will judge you more for the things you never did, praise you less for what you did.
-Mark T

Not all who succeed were destined, others were just determined

When you fail you gain exprience so it is a win win game

No amount of self pity can reverse the past
Joyce meyer
Aging is simply dwelling on one thing for long, you don't have to mind
M ark T

People who belittle your ambitions are just spectators of your victory"
Mark T

Where is Money? - Motivational Quotes

"Money is everywhere even though it seems scarce.
In every mind there is a reliable plan to make money.
Just as your chair is made of money, your clothes have money value
Your specs expensive, meaning some cash was involved
You live inside money-- (house)"

"You walk and drive on money (roads) then buy your side is money
Both your phone and phone number are made of money, going to school is
going to learn how to earn. Going to the hospital is going to spent money
Buying a car is buying a money burning machine"

"Marrying a wife is simply spending more but staying without one
is high class poverty! Poverty is just not knowing how to get money
while being rich is having slightly more than enough. Gold is just
an object, money value is what makes it precious" 

Hope Motivational quote

Let them ignore your requests, a time is coming when they'll
need someone to introduce them to you. The secrete is remaining
Humbled to that day, pride can only get you a temporally
recognition but humility will earn you many friends”

“Just like with everybody, you must go thro valleys,
Rivers, Deserts, and even Mountains, but don't forgets that
you are still moving ahead. We GO thro but not dwell there
It is simply the best way to a cool destination.

We die every evening and resurrect every morning, so count yourself
Lucky when you get to see a new day! A NEW day simply means
Another set of hours to live, while a new year means another 365 day
To enjoy doing what is right.

Yesterday will never be today, neither will it ever be tomorrow.
No amount of self-intimidation can wipe the past, simply
Get over yesterday, and rejoice over today. Tomorrow will simply be
determined the today’s decisions. 

Greatness - Motivational Quotes

Greatness is a personal decision; you can decide to do small things
the great way. Just as you can decide to do great things in a small way.
Greatness is in the heart, captivated by the mind and achieved by actions.

Excellency is one fruit from your’s life tree. In deed Excellency is a way of life.
it is building a Carson by action-stones, with each stone hewn from the best
available quarry of productive decisions.

You are not the fast one to achieve greatness, meaning you have enough
to copy from. The world is always there to provide habitation for your
Great ideas, so, you've got no reason not be great.

Nonetheless - keep off these greatness-enemies to remain great.
1-pride - this can make you cause accidents before reaching the destination
2-self lowering - this can hinder the power of your decision making
3-doubt - can make you miss the mark
4-vanity - can rob your dreams

Tip: greatness begins with being yourself and doing what’s right!

Prosperity -Motivational Quotes

"Keenness is the key to accuracy, but accuracy totally
depends on keenness. Highest achievers in life know
the value of keenness, but the ordinary despise

"Great people were born just as you were, what caused
the difference is that they discovered themselves earlier.
So if you want prosperity you'll have to get a precise
definition of yourself"  

"If you are in the right track, move on! The weaknesses will
wear-out, the rights will consume the wrong habits. Persistence
has away of doing it for you. So never mind because persistence
brakes resistance and that is also prosperity"

"A weakness is a "weak" point, it should never intimidate you.
You are stronger than a weakness, just as much as weak means
Not strong enough. Your responsibility is not to concentrate on
what you can't but what you can do best, the rest will work out
naturally. and that's is why moving from level to level is prosperity"

Programming your Day in the Morning- motivational quotes

Planning your day soon after waking up bring lots of joy in life
It’s just a matter of charging...

"Allow your mind to understand that each day is a new day
A new day is another chance to do it right, for yesterday's right
is gone, meaning you'll be writing a complete new page.
If you had to erase anything, let today’s actions be better."

“Wise time management creates time and it brings joy.
Joy is just but a product of choices. The choices are like packages
in which either sadness or joy is a component”

“The past simply means gone and you can't change!
The only opportunity to be happy is today begging from this hour
So engage in things that will not dent the joy of your tomorrow for
Happiness is a process and indeed a continuous process.

"Happiness comes from within the heart and not from money for money
has no life in it. Not having is natural, but having is a privilege.
Privileges are not must haves, just as money is.” 


Waiting-motivational quotes

Everybody is waiting for, you are never
alone in problems...

"Parents are waiting to get a child, doctors are waiting
at the maternity, the baby is waiting to come out into the world
Relatives are waiting to see the angel; the mother is waiting to garner

The mother is waiting to see her child grow up, while
 Child is waiting to go to school. Teachers are waiting to teach,
while children are waiting to go home...

The child is waiting to grow up and get a job, while the parent
 is waiting to reap the benefits of rearing and educating,..
Waiting to get married
Waiting to get a child
Waiting to get another child

Waiting to recover
Waiting to die
Waiting to be buried
Waiting waiting..."

Move on! - Motivational quotes

" No problem can last forever, each comes
 with a reason and lasts just for a season. When the reason  
 is over then seasons must change!"

" All you need is igniting your mood,
 being down is part of life, but making wrong
 Decisions is also part of it, so why not learn"

" The software inventor, Mr Billy gates has an exact
 brain like yours, the only difference is that he was
 keen with details, GO FOR DETAIL!"

"Eating healthy is a choice, just as taking a bath is
a choice"

"If Kantai son of a nomad can tie a tie,
then you also can wear a suit. And off-course you'll have to get
shoes for matching purposes"

" There is no evidence that a Butterfly is a product of a
Caterpillar, so there is no need to loose hope even when
you look like a caterpillar, you'll soon fly with Mr. Butterfly’s


Advantages of Dealing with Anger at Tender Levels

Anger is inevitable to all of us and it has no class. It affects the poor the middle class and also the reach, not even minding their expertise experience or even age. It is a mandatory responsibility for everyone to work on controlling the killer monster. The edges of anger is deeply associated to lots of loses and this should be cubed. Dealing with anger when it is still controllable has many advantages than one can imagine.

Converting your anger to gentleness can makes everybody around think you are mature, and dependable in pressing situations. In fact many people, just like in marriage, don't like fellows who overreact when pressured. The best time to behave maturely is when things don't go how you want.

You can salvage your households by avoiding fierce anger. It is not a must that you break glasses just to display your feeling. Remember feelings are meant to be controlled. They should be your slave; you are the one with the ability to make decision not feelings. Feelings don’t think, it is you to direct then. So when you lead your feelings to the right direction, you definitely have got nothing to regret.

Since marriage is a living relationship, it totally depends on the decision of made by those involved. Taking anger as a just feeling and not a factor for triggering decisions can be a strategic way to way to sustain you marriage. Every time you make a good decision when angered, more life is added to the relationship. Off-course no one is an angel and so the need for dealing with anger at tender level, otherwise if everyone decides to vent his anger, no marriage or relationships would ever exists.  

Your professionalism remains upheld every time you react acceptably when pressured. For instance no boss would want to be near an employee who rants pointlessly and carelessly when disciplined. Very few employers would wish to get services from people who tag themselves as Mr. Right. Guys with a Mr.-right mentally don't say sorry and can not easily control their anger leave alone wanting to prove their right-dome.

Your mind stays stable and focused to solving problems when you pin down your anger. While on the other hand, out of control anger often blocks the brain function so simple decisions take longer time to be executed. It is important to note all decisions including the simplest ones depend on the clarity of the mind. Make feeling you slave let them work for you on purpose. Your mind power often increases when you take charge of your anger.