Litecoin Price Peaks Above $200 Again After a Difficult Week

Litecoin price peaks
                                                       Via: coincentral
Litecoin price peaks after a weak that seemed to shake the faith of anyone who possessed a few coins under their names. Well, to strike the balance and be fair, last week’s cryptocurrency instability affected nearly all popular and non-popular digital currencies -Bitcoin and Ethereum included. Sources say that the shakeup was somewhat related to fraud and this has led some folks to dig into the matter through a court case. The court case aside, as now seen: Litecoin price peaks above $200, which means that things are slowly normalizing back again. 

Well, in case you are used to only monitoring the big Cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum, be aware that maybe, you should start eye the movement of these other small digital currencies because they may soon matter. As in, today's headline which goes “Litecoin price peaks” is being received by upcoming investors with shouts, and that could be a sign that the crypto is growing and will soon worth a fortune. As of the time of writing, Litecoin price stands at $205.71 –from $147.44 in less than 2 days.

Litecoin Price Peaks at $200 Plus, What Does it Mean?

From a keen look, this is an increase in value of nearly $60 within 24 hours. Going by that rate we can safely say that this cryptocurrency is not a bad pick for those who want to invest in the “technology.” But worth mentioning is that investing with digital currency is relatively a risky affair as of now because you can't tell how things would be tomorrow.


AI, through Corti is Helping Danish Emergency Dispatchers Detect Heart Attacks

Emergency AI dispatchers
                                                          Via: futurecdn

AI is helping the Health Care System to climb to higher heights with Corti’s support on Emergency Communication. Well, if you are you are wondering who Corti is, - this an artificially Intelligent system, or call it a machine if you like. Basically, when AI is mentioned, it means a machine has been trained to operate relatively the same or close to how a real human would do.

In this case, the AI system is designed to detect and interpret signals as blur as they could be, and take-up vibrations emanating from emergency calls. It does that to offer advice to the emergency dispatchers on necessary actions. Corti is also able to think on its own and transfer the information to the dispatchers on the relative physical address of a caller (or the victim).

Here is a Real Life Scenario Where Corti the AI System Intervened

Artificial Intelligence: Computers to Speak American English Accents (Says Monty Barlow) and Amazon’s Alexa Needs to Here this

computers powered by artificial intelligence to speaks american accents
                                                   Via: code.oursky
Scientists and members of the public alike are enthralled by the topic of AI (artificial intelligence). It’s as if everybody wants to hear what AI is up to or close to achieve next. During the CES (where roughly over 200,000 + tech enthusiasts attended,) people were drawn more to the AI projects and it like each researcher had a stunning idea. Among others, the exhibition and one that really seemed to be interactive and close to our daily application was the concept of teaching a computer to speak precise American English accents. Well…I think, Alexa, Amazon’s (artificial intelligence) assistant needs to hear this and give her opinion.   

Would that be Possible?

Well, the question is not really about whether a computer can speak native lingo: to surprise you, already one computer has been trained to successfully figure out various original American accents and that is artificial intelligence at work. Monty Barlow, a Cambridge Consultant researcher got special attention for this invention, where he claims to teach the machine.


BMW Acquires Parkmobile Parking App to Help Tackle City Traffic

                                                             Via: mediapool.bmwgroup

BMW is one of the top car manufacturers that you can hardly see a fleet of ten vehicles without spotting one of its models in the “group.” The company is a great investor and now it has acquired the Parkmobile to add to its worth. This is a smartphone app that offers guidance to drivers looking to park their cars in North American and its environs.

Ever since, packing has been a serious problem in almost all the cities of the world because people are becoming richer, adding cars into their portfolio, but the parking lot space remains the same for lack of space to expand. Therefore, whatever solution that attempts to tackle this issue is definitely a refuge for most people. That’s how the Parkmobile became a business and its demand is always rising up.

Apple Displaying Subscription Apps W/Free Trials in New App Store Section


Ever thought that you can get a free deal from Apple? Well, that’s the only way to get people or customers that matter to try something they’ve not tried before and Apple is following the trend. The gadget giant recently started highlighting some popular subscriptions with free trials. Can we say it’s a quest to showcase the new content in the App Store? Well, that will still be very correct but ideally, you don’t really expect a give without a take back with such a big company.

The Why and Where Question?

For the why query, it is a way of advertising. And if you’ve not yet seen the apps, could be you’ve not been keen the new section located right under the “Apps” -where? In the App Store, check out for a “Try it For Free” title and there you are. Should we say that now even big companies have known to give back to the society? Well… it depends on one's angle of interest. But for now, let’s enjoy the free apps.