How to Handle a Wife “2” in Her First Weeks of Pregnancy

Handling a wife when she's pregnant photo: Source: Pixabay

You must have heard that you need to know how to handle a wife during her first weeks after confirming the pregnancy –something that affects 50 - 90 percent of all women. But if not, thank goodness you are here because, with some women, that time can be hellish to the relationship. This is the time you hear stories like, “My wife sends me out at night to bring her some french-fries, She craves for eggs to extents of crying, she wanna eat cookies all day,” and so on… Hope it is now clear why you need to know how to handle a wife during her pregnancy, right? So let’s move on to the actual facts:

It’s Just For a Season

As a matter of facts and from many stories shared online, the biggest issues when the wife begins to show such behaviors like cravings, touchiness, stubbornness and overly emotional, is that the man may think she is being bossy and she might as well continue with that behavior henceforth. The simple approach should be, this would pass with time.

In most cases, at the elapse of let’s say 3-4 months in the pregnancy she should have regained her normal state of behaving. Ideally, the importance of mastering how to handle a wife at such a time is that in the long run, she will believe that you are more intelligent than her.

How to Handle a Wife When She is Stubborn

how to handle a wife
Simple ways to handle stubbon wife photo: Source: huffpost

The topic on how to handle a wife when she plays the stubborn character in an argument is not new to married folks. Yes, ask any man and they’ll tell you that handling her when she has made up her mind to keep a stand is like dipping your finger into hell. Well, however, there is nothing that doesn’t have a way out. One thing that should encourage you is that being your close partner, there are buttons you can press to normalize the situation. So check how to handle a wife when she proves stubborn without destroying the relationship.

1.     Look Beyond the Current Situation

Let’s be realistic here, the truth is, your wife has not always been stubborn, right? In other words, you have managed to handle her happiness without ado before.  Now, shift your focus to how she’s been good to you before –remember how she does all house chores, how she ensures everything goes right at home and so on... 


LianLian and UAE Exchange Boost Ripple XRP’s Value, is it Safe to Invest in it Now?

Investing with xrp coins to make a profit -Image credit: ethereumworldnews
While Ripple xrp appeared hopeless last week when its value fell below $0.90 from close to $4 during its all-time high -it’s clear that there are people who still trust the xrp. They think that this is the best cryptocurrency to invest in.

Lian Lian and UAE Exchange Joined Ripple will that Boost Ripple xrp’s Value?

Lian Lian pay, a company in China proved this when it joined Ripple’s network during the first week of February. And as if to stamp it all, UAE Exchange has also announced its interest to collaborate with ripple and thereafter it locked horns with San Francisco’s RippleNet.


Safaricom to Launch iPhone X 256GB

Safaricom launch iPhone X 256GB
Source: Desipeoria
Rumors have it that Safaricom is planning to launch iPhone X 256GB “but is Apple aware of that?” Just kidding. Well, for one the green giant as some people call it is known for surprises and this might be outright possible. Just the other day, the company announced that it is opening a new Safaricom shop in Nyahururu –a project that was least expected in the area. If it turns out accurate and Safaricom launches iPhone X 256GB before Apple does that officially in Kenya, that would mean that the company is taking a new direction- “inventing smartphones.”

Unconfirmed sources say that the iPhone X 256GB has all features native to iPhone device. As in, pick one the right hand and the other on the left and ask your son to tell difference, the kid has a 200% chance of missing the correct pick.

Safaricom or Airtel Bundles -Which is Cheaper?

Cheapest between safaricom and airtel data bundles
safaricom or airtel bundles: image credit

Safaricom announced its offer to slash the cost of data bundles by over 53 percent a month and a half ago. So as of now, you are possibly getting Easy30, and 50 at 3,500/= and  50GB at 6000/=. Well, on the same note, Airtel is not behind as it used to be anymore, and as of the time of this write-up, you’ll get 10GB for 1000/=  –with the amazing data bundles' plan. In other words, Safaricom and Airtel are rubbing shoulders for the benefit of the customers!  

Well, maybe a closer look will help us identify the company that offers the cheapest plan. Safaricom’s Easy30 is valid for 30 days, it's ‘tweeny,’ the Easy50 data plan extends validity to 45 days. Doing the math, airtel’s 10GB for Ksh. 1000 bundle plan seem cheaper because there is a difference of 500/= against the Easy 30 (which as mentioned above is Kenya shillings 3000 (that is 1000/= per 10GB, like Airtel). Hope you are not lost in the calculations -right?